Reader submitted: This was not a ‘riot,’ Why was there such an ‘overreaction?’


As we all know, last night there was a massive protest in Lakewood. Of course it was not a protest like the yellow vests in France, or the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia or any other protest.

Yeshiva graduates and Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods have the lowest crime rates. Bnei Brak is Israel’s most ultra-orthodox city and the safest. This is a fact everyone knows – especially The Lakewood Police Department, and township officials.

Yesterday’s events were more about a bunch – a massive bunch – of Bochurim proving a point and having fun. Let’s be fair, 100 guys were really upset so they went down and started a ‘hafganah’. The other thousand, was just having fun.

Everyone knew there wasn’t going to be any fighting, violence, drugs, zero criminal activity. The simple question is: Why did the Police feel the need to call multiple backups from neighboring towns, K-9 and other specialized units? One would’ve thought there was a fist fight between BMG students and Rise Up!

Who approved this? Why did they do it? Why was there no ‘oversight’?

Of course there needed to be an arrest to justify bothering hundreds of law enforcement from other towns, so one guy was arrested for ‘kicking a car’ which reportedly caused no damage.

Additionally, as seen on video, it appears as if one disgruntled Howell cop used excessive force by spraying pepper spray freely…

GreaterLakewood Comment: It is important to note a Bochur in the video says a comment “This is why we need guns,” the kid was Joking. These are kids who never experienced Law enforcement in action – never had Police stopping an event…They were enjoying the scene as revelers.

Of course Jew haters call this ‘episode’ a ‘mob’ which indicates violence – but I don’t have time to address brick walls. Haters will be haters.

Lastly, to be absolutely clear, I am not taking sides as to whether or not the protest was a good idea or a disaster, my point is the response to it.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of GreaterLakewood.

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  1. Well Said
    Lets have a Buy A Bachur a Danish and Coffee day
    Or sponsor a Bachur Sesame Chicken day

    We Need To Appreciate The Bochrim

    • let me add
      Bochurim with access to this tell your friends who dont have access
      Klal Yisroel appreciated you and admire you

      “Everyone knew there wasn’t going to be any fighting, violence, drugs, zero criminal activity.”

  2. Very good question GreaterLakewood. I hope the response to this is being investigated. Such a massive over-reaction to a non violent “protest”. The use of canines for crowd control is also puzzling, especially in a non violent situation. It is not standard practice and some places have outlawed the use of K-9’s for crowd control due to the problems it can create.

  3. What a dumb article. The police actually showed tremendous restraint to these 500+ bochurim. The police did an excellent job. If you fail to listen to the police and you start getting violent during a protest don’t complain if you get arrested. If after multiple hours of chaos and disturbances and failing to obey police orders again and again (and you see them coming towards you with peppers spray and you try to argue with them) don’t complain if you get pepper sprayed.

  4. Lets also remember that although im sure it was mostly “just fun” , this WAS in middle of residential forest park, starting close to 10 pm and ending after midinght. Should police not be called in to allow 150 families to sleep?

    • Thanks for your concern Doivy but I live in Forest Park and could not have said it better than the writer. He is 100% on the mark and we deserve an explanation from the police.

  5. The violence by the police was totally unwarranted. Never was anybody in any danger. No weapons were present. There was no justification for the police to us force. This must be investigated. If the police actions were warranted the investigation will show it.

  6. Absolutely. I received many many videos of the going ons as they were happening. I was honestly shocked at the rows and rows of police cars called over bachurim singing and dancing.
    If there was any violence at all, which did not appear to be, it was only because the cops got involved.

  7. It would be stunningly foolish to call Benei Torah protesting in such a manner a Kiddush HaShem. Its astonishing to see people supporting such outrageous behavior from Yeshivah Bochurim (or to see some boorish comments referring to the protests as a Kiddush HaShem). I too think that the guy who canceled it is wrong, yet that does not in anyway condone such behavior. All
    this is nothing more than a Epic Chillul HaShem.

    • His point was that the protest of Bochurim are calm and non violent
      its a Kiddush Ha-shem how calm and non violent it was compared to any other teenager in the world protesting
      and btw RELAX

    • Hi, Jessica: With all due respect to you and your rise up friends: as per the second amendment it’s not a crime to have a gun. As a matter of fact, you know better than almost anyone, as per the first amendment free speech allows people to talk. To say we should have a gun etc is perfectly legal. Ironically you find that illegal but your vile, sewer mouths are legal.
      Lastly, as stated it was a joke. I get it was made by a Jewish kid but that doesn’t make a crime. Sorry this isn’t Nazi Germany.

  8. I think the police & the rest of us were taken by surprise by the backlash to the cancelling of a concert. It’s not usual for yeshiva bochrim to organize a protest, let alone for such a trivial reason. I initially supported the concert but after hearing the derasha of Rav Uren Reich who stated that Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky was opposed, I have emunas chachomim that it was not a good outlet.

  9. The police overreacting was a HUGE mistake, in fact many of them enjoy “action” hence the reason they became police officers in the first place.

    The police prolong the protest, not that they care, if it was up to them they would’ve wanted to see violent protesters, so they can have some action. SICK


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