Reader Submitted: Why RUOC will never apologize


The following letter was submitted in response to GL’S story “RISE UP EXPOSED: RUOC implies terminally ill kids swimming was a rented ‘pool party’” where Rise Up Ocean County preyed on terminally ill children to further their agenda.

Even little children are taught to apologize. Why does RUOC have such a hard time to say I’m sorry?

Even when they were literally forced to apologize for using a Nazi war poem against us, did they apologize? No, they basically said I’m sorry you were insulted.

Why are basic morals and etiquette missing from the wonderful people behind RUOC?

I think the answer is that when you apologize to someone you are acknowledging that they are people just like you, and that is too hard for RUOC to do.

To write articles and allow everyone to respond except people writing something positive about us is treating us as subhuman.

Do you have any other explanation for a post showing a Jew on the top rung of a ladder, with a comment that this isn’t safe?

They are trying to portray us as a people less intelligent then regular people, they are trying to portray us as subhuman.

For those of you who know a little bit of history, this is exactly what the Nazis did in Germany.

I’m sorry to say this but it is clear that the use of a Nazi poem against us was no coincidence.

Shame on RUOC, and shame on all of the gullible people who fall for all their nonsense.

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  1. I feel bad for the haters:

    How many years will you live on this earth 70,80,90? Do you really want to spend that time consumed with hatred instead of building your own life?
    I pity you. Life is just too short to waste.

  2. I believe the people that run RUOC will never apologize for all the hate and disinformation they spread about our community because they are avowed anti semites. For all those that are unsure, consider the following:

    1) Why is it that any member of our community that presents a dissenting view in an articulate way is banned from posting on the group? Wouldn’t an honest discussion help overcome fear and mistrust?

    2) The vast majority of the orthodox Jewish community is infuriated by the rampant overdevelopment. Had this been the focus of RUOC, they would have had many allies in our community. Instead, they post about the laws of nidda, Purim, shiluach hakan etc. These posts are rife with disinformation. The only reason I can think of why post these things is to stir up hatred for Jews.

    3) Why the need for the closed group? What are they trying to hide?

    4) Why is it that any alleged corruption of an Orthodox Jew on RUOC immediately garners hundreds of nasty comments yet any corruption by a local non Jewish elected official is hardly given a second glance?

    5) Often RUOC comments that Lakewood is very dirty. I don’t believe that Lakewood is any more dirty than the surrounding towns. Just old anti Semitic stereotypes at work.

    6) RUOC has mentioned in its trailer as well as in various posts that over 50% of Lakewood children are on welfare, the institution is that these are orthodox children. This is intentionally misleading. Lakewood has a large immigrant Hispanic community as well. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 63% of non citizen households are on welfare.

    The above points lead me to believe that there is really only one goal of this group. To stir up as much hatred and anti semitisim as possible. They use a legitimate issue such as the overloading of the local infrastructure and make it an “us against them” issue. I urge all not to fall victim to their false pretenses of “we are not anti Semitic, just against the overbuilding “. Had they truly been only against overbuilding and corruption, they would have had at least 85% of our community on board. But they are for hate, using legitimate issues such as overbuilding as a smoke screen for their hate.

  3. You are 110% correct. They have such a clear agenda. Had they just focused on the overbuilding, most of us would actually be happy. But they attack our religion – which is a whole new level of hatred.

  4. They learnt this mahalach from their president, never apologize, and push the envelope further if you are called out.

  5. They are part and parcel of AOC and the leftists.
    AOC is bringing into the open what is in the hearts of the Dem party all these years.
    AOC is the biggest destroyer of the Dem party.
    RUOC will prove to the residents that “they are incapable” and will therefore hand over on a silver platter, the control of their Township to the Orthodox


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