Reader Submitted – INSANITY: From ‘high to pine street’ never went over 5 MPH, Something MUST be done


Hi, GreaterLakewood, thanks for your platform, I am a big fan and appreciate the direct access to the public. I was hoping you would publish my brief article, or more accurately my ‘vent.’

It’s all about quality of life. We all want it. But will we ever get it?

This morning, I took High street to Pine street, heading to work. However, as you can see in the video, my car never went over 5 MPH. That is not because I was holding a hot cup of coffee or trading stocks, the traffic situation simply reached new lows.

Lakewood keeps growing, traffic keeps getting worse, and no one ‘at the top’ seems to do anything.


‘Stressed Out in Lakewood’

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  1. The town blames all traffic problums on RT9. Wait ’till the 9 gets 2,3,4 ect.. & traffic will move. This is the excuse that the town has no town planning. Build RT88 & CountyLine up ’till the sidewalk (I am talking about new building not stuff that is there for 100 years) Don’t build new streats that go throw, all traffic will be solved ones RT9 is wider.

  2. Why should the people “on the top” change anything? All incumbents won the election yesterday. They don’t see any consequences for turning a beautiful town into a congested, ugly city so why change anything? When we “throw the bums out” maybe we have a better chance of seeing improvement. But much of the damage to a once lovely town is irreversible.

  3. If you live in New York City you know it takes to go five blocks 10 minutes. When you want to get across Lakewood it takes 20 minutes that’s the life.
    The damage was done already from the office complexes amazingly to give developers a lot of money in their banks to continue doing this and destroy our town even more and more and more and more and more and more and you know it’s too late you have to live with City life right now.

  4. Stop focusing on silly short term goals. We must advocate, advocate, advocate for rt 9 to be widened.
    All other ‘plans’ are bandaids at best (& Corruption at worse – ie: the light on 1st & Clifton!!)

  5. So if Lakewood is a “City” why is there no public transportation. NO Buses , Trains , Or Light Rail , Brooklyn ,Toronto, and Jerusalem have all of the above

  6. Stupid video maybe your in your driveway no can see where you are. Upgrade and get a dashcam and try again. I do agree the traffic is insane.


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