READER SUBMITTED: FRUM NEWS? Lakewood site appears to promote violence – and chillul Hashem


Hi, I am not a writer nor am I a ‘Baal Shita.’ In fact, this is my first ever writing into a news publication.

My name is Yehuda, I am in my low 40’s and I have a son going to tonights Kumzitz.

As we all know, Lakewood had it’s first ‘Hafganah’ when a kumzitz that was originally planned with Rabbanim was essentially shut down. My Son’s rebbe is 100% fine with the kumzitz so as far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong for him to attend. Of course, if Yeshivos tell students not to go, the talmidim should adhere to their Yeshivas rules. But no ‘one rule fits all’. Either way, I am not looking to get involved in what Rabbanim do or don’t do.

The point of my letter is: The one thing we all agree on is that a Chillul Hashem should and must be avoided – at all costs.

Besides for being one of the greatest Aveiros R”L, there are local ramifications that can affect many, many yidden.

Headlines of a few Yeshiva boys making fires, throwing eggs, doing anything inconsistent with Torah values – must be frowned upon.

Sadly, I saw a tweet and this stunned me. It promotes a chillul Hashem and seeks to stir the pot – the Chillul Hashem pot. It must be called out.


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  1. I think that if someone tries to shut down a kumzitz for bochurim he deserves to be egged(not that it’s right)
    There is nothing wrong with making a little lotzanus about @bingowholesales having a sale on eggs

  2. I agree 100%. Every person should ask their own personal shaila if it is proper for them to attend. However, to fight it- is nothing short of a chillul Hashem. EVEN if someone feels they want to be moche for the sake of Hashem, the chillrl Hashem that can result may not justify it.

  3. i get the point of your letter but i wonder WITHOUT the “kanois” & idealism of the past dor in america from 1950-80’s WHERE WOULD WE BE TODAY? would there be , tznius, kashrus, kollel….black hats…
    many of the mainstream yeshivas today had fierce opposition to them in the beginning with the same taynes ” chillul hashem, holier than though. most big rabbonim had big resistance to opening a shul like a breakaway for a quiter davening or more medakdek…. so where do u draw the line, maybe because the bmg roshe yeshiva were not the CEO type of shtuts rav w policys and an office staff lakewood would be diff today? I TOO am pro democracy but there is a big price to pay

    • Kanous does not, and did not, mean attacking others. Opening a Shul for those who daven more in accordance with Shulchan Aruch does more than attacking the quick daveners.
      I am not sure why black hats are a positive effect. They are just a style. If the hats would be grey, blue or red, it would be just as good.

      Fighting brings out bad midos. Even if the cause is good.

  4. Hi Yehuda,
    You sound like a very righteous man who might slipped on a little not being so emesdig.
    As from moiredige shtarke devorim chotzvim lahavos eish, it sounds like what you are trying to convey with your introduction “Hi, I am not a writer nor am I a ‘Baal Shita.’ In fact, this is my first ever writing into a news publication”.

    Lihevee yodua lakoil, please think of me as not a baal shiitah.
    Beetzem, I am a cheftza of ruchniyus and my daas torah is coming out of my heart.
    Its poshut bouu mayim ad nofesh and therefore yotzosee megidree to speak out against the terrible mageifa which is burning a whole into the beney tayrah! Teyku Tishbi Yetaretz Kushyos Veiboyas…


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