Reader Submitted: ENOUGH ALREADY!


On Monday at 7 pm there will be a hearing by a developer who wants variances for both height and ZERO setbacks!

 Everyone who’s ever turned into Monmouth and route 88 / Main Street is aware of the dangerous level of the intersection. 

This developer wants to build a 5 story 150 unit apartment building adding 200 plus cars to a crowded area. It is unconscionable to grant any variances. Attached is the notice that was sent to only some of the neighbors. 

As a neighbor living in the immediate vicinity of this proposed monstrosity, I’m appalled by the disregard of safety and quality of life inherent in this proposal.

Both for all the people living here already and all the surrounding streets, all the people who utilize the streets in the area and the people who out of a necessity for housing will end up living there in a danger zone.

This project will be detrimental to the town long term with effects felt immediately.

The members of the zoning board will be directly responsible for the terrible repercussions approving this will bring. 

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  1. An important point that you need to say at the podium at the Zoning Board is that there is no ‘rule’s that they have a right to keep existing variances. They say since we are currently at 6 feet and moving to 9 it’s better. NO! You’re supposed to have 25 feet! They dont automatically get a starting point of where they currently are today. When they knock it down they start from scratch.

    Bring 5-10 neighbors who will all speak and strongly oppose and it should be an easy denial. If you all stay home…it may get approved.

  2. They allready messed up route 88 by building houses right to the curb by the train tracks and the same at clover ave so now there is no room to ever widen route 88 to two lanes and no room to add turning lanes at route 88

  3. Why is Chaim Abadi of Nexgen Land Developers always the go-to guy to push these insane deals through the zoning & planning boards. What special connections does he have??

  4. Thank u to Menashe & Meir who appoint the zoning board members to alliw all this runaway development and ruin the town for everyone except their developer buddies.

  5. this is asking for a “D” variance. In order for a “D” variance to be granted, it must meet one of 3 requirements. None of which this application meets. It also must not meet any of negative criteria, one of which is “detriment to the public good. This property is clearly not eligible for these variances based on NJ Land Law.

    the zoning board is governed by NJ Municipal Land Use law. Granting a variance in this case constitutes re-zoning via variance, and is illegal.

  6. This is absolute insanity! The insane over development is really hurting the town. It also provides ammunition to those who hate us such as the hate group known as RUOC and various other hate Facebook pages and blogs as they claim that this is somehow something that orthodox jews want.

    Whoever is pushing this agenda, know that you’re hurting the residents of Lakewood in more way then one.

  7. I have no faith in our councilmen or the zoning board or those that endorse them.
    If a large crowd comes out to be moche maybe they’ll be mevuyash to allow this to happen. Chazal say that the worst golus is when we are under the Shlita of a fellow yid, this is where we are right now.

  8. This crazy projects hearing was postponed. It’s not over yet. This may not affect you directly, but realize that it’s just typical of the what’s being planned for the properties near you too.

  9. Grow up. Stop creating a whole drama because you don’t like that someone is building next door …Baruch hashem you can move … or you can go to the meeting ..but stop making everything so frantic … please just grow up… look at New York City may not like the traffic but everything is fine… focus on real issues… not someone making a parnasah and helping lowering cost of rent by increasing supply ….


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