Reader Submitted: Don’t come to Lakewood Ihr Hatorah with your Brooklyn mentality


This letter is in response to the letter by Mr Shidler

Submitted by: A.R

I grew up in Lakewood and my father was a talmid of reb Shneur. When I was in elementary school 25 years ago the parents chose the school and the school basically accepted everyone. 

Then Brooklyn came. In lakewood, the people were kind and caring. They owned old cars and didn’t have fancy houses. Brooklyn people came with fancy cars and built mansions and took over our streets. They also brought along an attitude that said that they don’t care. So while a school asked the parents to come dressed appropriately, parents came in clothing that wasn’t acceptable for a yeshiva or bais Yaakov school.

The children went against the rules and would watch movies and have all access to the internet. This is not how Lakewood was created! Parents can’t decide that they want to follow their own rules (skirts above the knees, half uncovered hair) and complain that their children don’t fit in. They can’t talk trash about their neighbor and expect their children to be allowed in school when he constantly curses out the rebbe. Lakewood was dedicated to the Yeshiva and there are certain rules and attitudes that each school has a right to uphold. 

1. Ateres Tzipora has kicked out students in the past
2. Aaron Kotler is not a rosh yeshiva, his grandfather was
3. The vaad was started at least 25 years ago 

I’m going to say the exact same thing I say about illegal immigration: if you’re gonna come to a place and empty all it’s resources at least have the courtesy of learning the traditions of where you invade. 

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  1. Mr shidlers daughter was ALREADY accepted into a school (Ateres Tziporah)
    He doesn’t need a school he just needs the school that’s made for people that arnt “BMG mentality” to stay open and not be closed down cuz “it’s students are not BMG mentality” which is what’s happening with Ateres Tziporah

  2. 1. Ateres Tzipora has kicked out students in the past’
    2. Aaron Kotler is not a rosh yeshiva, his grandfather was.
    So you really don’t like the way LKWD is run?
    3. The vaad was started at least 25 years ago.
    I’m missing it.
    “empty all it’s resources”
    Which resources?

  3. I don’t think it’s really fair to post a detailed letter about a controversial topic and not give a voice to those who disagree by disabling comments and then to post a pretty weak “response” and enable comments to point out how weak it is. A common tactic among the extreme left, actually.

  4. Maran HaGaon HaRav Aharon Kotler ztvk’l was a Brooklynite who traveled daily from his home in Boro Park, Brooklyn to Lakewood.

    Most current Lakewooders are Brooklynites and descendents of Brooklynites.

    • Rav Aharon Kotler z”l didn’t commute daily from Brooklyn to Lakewood. Such things weren’t done then.

      The VZ bridge wasn’t even open yet when R. Aharon was alive.

      He came to Lakewood for Shabbos.

    • reb yid, so what are you trying to say, that rav aharon was in secret a “brooklynite”, and he really owned a fancy car and mansion, and he was the first to bring gashmiyus to the to the torah barren dessert of lakewood?!? just tell us what you are trying to say. the fact is. r ahron didnt make lakewood in brooklyn, which would have been much easier, les man depalig what his intentions were.

  5. The 9 most painful words to hear in Lakewood.
    “I’m from the VAAD, I’m here to help you”.
    I hope that Jackson, Toms River, Howell will never have to hear those painful words. “keep them out at all costs”.

  6. I have a better idea if you don’t like us Brooklyn types. Stay in Lakewood and don’t come collecting in Brooklyn! Any check or donation that comes from Brooklyn you should return immediately! Don’t allow your Lakewood children to date or marry any boy/girl from Brooklyn!

  7. I have unlimited opinions on this issue but I why the heck would I it any of your want to share them???
    You’re just creating division and forgot.
    This isn’t bringing Moshiach any sooner.
    A complete Am Yisroel will bring Moshiach not division. I guess now your know where I stand on allowing frum day families moving into our town. It wasn’t intentional but we need Achdus now division.

    Am Yisroel chai.

  8. Excuse me A.R.,
    It was the VAAD and their cronies who bent the zoning rules and played politics that made it inviting for Brooklyn to relocate here.
    THEY are the ones that changed the landscape of Lakewood. The influx from Brooklyn was a RESULT of their games, not in spite of them.
    So they make it inviting for Brooklynites, and then throw their kids out of the schools?

    • true it deosnt make sense. it just deosnt make sense. it just cant be true. we come out the only logical explanation is …. what you said is false.

  9. Theoretical question: If you moved to brooklyn because you couldn’t afford living in LKWD, would you…
    …get an attitude that said that you don’t care?
    …come in clothing that isn’t acceptable?
    …watch movies and have all access to the internet?
    …constantly curses out the rebbe?
    Why not, but “if you’re gonna come to a place and empty all it’s resources at least have the courtesy of learning the traditions of where you invade?!”

  10. All I can say is that I’m appalled at all the sinas chinam on each side. Wow! We don’t need outside enemies with the likes of these!! Please remember at all times- we are all brothers and sisters!!! Let’s bring the geulah TOGETHER!!

  11. The Moshiach will be coming to Lakewood Not Brooklyn) riding on an old donkey,
    That’ll be the quickest way to get around Lakewood.

  12. Lakewood is at a crossroads the old vs the new. The biggest problem is they both dont understand each other.

  13. I’m a pretty old-time Lakewooder myself. My father learned by Rav Ahron and my grandfather (mother’s father) learned by him in Kletzk. Even so, I find the letter writers attitude very snobby and arrogant

    He is correct that if you are moving to a new community you have to respect its rules and standards but can’t he make the point without being so condescending and standoffish?

    Also, I was living in Lakewood twenty-five years ago as a yungerman. To claim that all changes are the fault of Brooklyn people and that all schools basically accepted everyone is revisionist history.

  14. The larger question here is:

    Why does the Greater Lakewood website allow itself to promulgate sinas chinom and machlokes by printing an anonymous letter from someone who was not appointed as a representative of the people of Lakewood? Are they saying their own opinions, but are too cowardly to say them in their own name, so they print them in the form of an anonymous letter?


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