Reader Submitted: Anti-Vaxxer: A time to weep, A time to love, A time to start listening – Tisha B’av



Today, Tisha B’Av is the saddest day of the year. It is the day that we experienced
ultimate churban, the destruction of both Batei Mikdash, and on which we were exiled from Eretz Yisroel. It also proved to be a day of additional pain and suffering
throughout the ages. Furthermore, we are told that all our suffering has its roots in Tisha B’Av.

After the Holocaust of World War II, many people wanted to declare a day of remembrance for the atrocities which occurred during that period. The Gedolim of the day were approached and almost unanimously opposed the idea. All suffering, they stated, is rooted in Tisha B’Av. We don’t need an additional day. We need to mourn on Tisha B’Av.

And indeed, numerous new kinnos were composed in remembrance of the Shoah, supplementing the already long, moving, and sad list of kinnos which are said on Tisha B’Av.

What were the events which led to this terrible destruction? What lessons can be learned? What were subsequent events which occurred throughout history, as a result of the fact that we are repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

It behooves us to understand the nature of the sins which have caused our churban.
Let’s go through some history together, and analyze the events which are recorded in Tanach, and which occurred in later generations as it pertains to the chronology of
Tisha B’Av, as well as the theme of the day.

With this deeper goal, let us now attempt to embark on our journey in exploring relevant incidents from the Torah.


The B’nai Yisroel had asked Moshe to send messengers to Eretz Yisroel to scout the
land before entering. Agents who would determine if the land is safe, and if it would be a wise decision to enter.

And so Moshe Rabbeinu acquiesced. He gathered together ​anashim​, people of stature. Rashi tells us that they were all ​chashuvim​, reputable “kosher” individuals. They were the heads of the shevatim. The men were sent, and came back forty days later with their reports.

What did they discover? That the land was ​eretz ocheles yoshveha​, a land which
consumed its inhabitants. People were dying left and right. It was a dangerous place.
V’gam yelidei ha’anak ra’einu sham​, the citizens were giants, literally, who were scary and dangerous. Surely it would be suicide to enter such a land. When we learn the Torah as a child, we are taught in a very simplistic way. We may still
have pictures of cartoon-like photos created by our Morah’s in our minds. Yet as adults, we need to have a more realistic and factual understanding of what actually occurred.

The fear which the Jews experienced at that time was genuine. They were concerned about an existential threat. What did they think would happen to them? Did they fear that only some of them were to die? No. They were afraid of unilateral death. Unequivocal and indiscriminate genocide. Decimation. The entire nation would be annihilated. Every last one. The ​kina’anim​, they thought, were the Nazis of the time.

That was what was reported to them by ten of the twelve ​meraglim​. This report gave way to creating a bonafide fear which was instilled in their hearts.

Kaleiv tried to assure them that the reports were distorted. That the land which Hashem had promised them would prove to be amazingly good. But the crowd was so riled up that they wouldn’t even listen, were he to present it as is.

Va’yahas Kaleiv es ha’am​. Kaleiv quieted the crowd. Rashi tells us that they only way he was able to succeed in getting the crowd even to listen was to pretend, chas v’shalom that he wanted to say something negative about Moshe Rabbeinu. “And you know what else Ben Amram did for us?!”, he said. He opened his remarks using a disparaging appellation for Moshe Rabbeinu, referring to him condescendingly by only mentioning his father’s name, and not referring to him as Moshe.

This got the crowd silent, at least temporarily, for the hysteria had already kicked in. The fear of death at the hands of the ​Kina’anim​ had been instilled in their hearts, so they were prepared to listen to anything else which they could use to attack Moshe

Kaleiv continued: “He split the sea for us, brought us the ​mann​ and the quail…” and
began listing the tremendous chassadim which Moshe had done for the Bnei Yisroel.
We don’t need to fear Eretz Yisroel. The land that Hashem is giving us is “​tovah, mi’od mi’od​”, amazingly good. Moshe hasn’t failed us before, and he always listens to
Hashem, who loves us, cares for us, and would never harm us in any way. We need to look past this negative and distorted piece of lashon harah and proceed to enter Eretz Yisroel as planned, because that’s the ratzon Hashem, and He will not let us down.

But the moment that Bnei Yisroel recognized Kaleiv’s true and altruistic intentions, they stopped listening to him. His words fell upon deaf ears. Their minds were made up. The fear of death had succeeded in creating panic and hysteria which surpassed the reason and logic needed to deal with the situation rationally.

They all ran to Moshe Rabbeinu. The pasuk says, ​vatikrivun alai kulchem​, they all
approached Moshe. Rashi says that the gathering was done ​bi’arbuvia​. It was a
commotion. It was a tumultuous crowd. Most likely people were screaming and yelling. It was probably full of chaos. It probably wasn’t responsible people addressing their concerns to Moshe in a polite, respectful fashion, speaking coherently. And it certainly was not a crowd willing to listen to the answers. They were not looking to be placated or to have their concerns or fears allayed. It was probably more like an angry mob.

Sadly, their fears were unfounded, as Hashem would have performed miracles on their behalf to save them from the savage kina’anim. But that’s not how they saw it. They saw it as a problem. A very palpable one. And so they cried. They cried over a problem which didn’t exist.

And so Hashem said, “you cried over nothing, so I will give you something to cry about for generations.”

That night was Tisha B’Av. It would prove to be a sad day for generations. The first
beis hamikdash was destroyed on that day. So was the second. Today, we sit on the
floor to mourn these tragedies. And to mourn ​all​ tragedies which have befallen us since that day. The Holocaust. The Spanish Inquisition. The Crusades. The massacres of tach vi’tat​. And so many others, big and small. Personal tragedies. Death and sickness, depression, and tzaros within our communities today. These all stem from the churban habayis, which has its roots in the chet of the meraglim.

But what did they do wrong? They were concerned about dying? Wouldn’t you have
been? Would you enter an enemy land after hearing a report given to you by
responsible, loving ​anashim​ and respectabile community members who tell you that
entering the land would be tantamount to suicide? Wouldn’t it have been downright irresponsible ​not ​to have listened to the meraglim?

Don’t we follow the majority? After all, it was ten against two. Shouldn’t we listen to the ten?

There are many answers given by the meforshim. But one thing that we see clearly is the following: They didn’t listen. They didn’t listen to Kaleiv. He couldn’t even get a
word in edgewise. They didn’t listen to his logic. They didn’t listen to the fact that
perhaps the report of the meraglim was wrong. They didn’t use reason. They gave into fear and hysteria. They let that overcome them and take on a world of its own,
impeding their natural faculties to do what would otherwise be deemed right and
appropriate, based on common sense and ​ehrlichkeit​.

Had their concerns been valid, they would have approached Moshe differently. Not bi’arbuvia​, but with ​mesinus​, with deliberation. Hearing the ​whole​ story comprehensively. Not just the part that they wanted to hear. It would’ve been a very different dialogue.

The Chet HaEgel

Moshe Rabbeinu went up to Har Sinai and remained in Heaven for forty days. It was
time for his descent. Or was it? But that’s what B’nei Yisroel thought. Why hadn’t
Moshe returned? It was just after they had received the Torah. They were on the
highest level imaginable. The entire world had waited twenty-six generations for that
very moment. The moment that would give life and meaning, and was indeed the very purpose of creation and which would enable the continued existence of the universe. And so it happened.

Presently though, there was a dilemma. What were they to do, since Moshe was no
longer with them? Did he die? The ​satan ​showed them a fake image of Moshe having
died. Now what?

Some people decided that they ought to make an idol and appoint a new leader. This, they argued, would be the right thing to do in this situation, in light of Moshe’s

And so, many people, although not all, got caught up in the idea, and began preparing for it. The idea began to spread, and people got more involved and caught up.

But there was one person who saw the truth. His name was Chur. He spoke to the
people and told them not to create the Golden Calf. It would prove to be a terrible
aveira, idol worship, which was not sanctioned by the Torah in any way.

Chur was a gadol in his own right, and in Moshe Rabbeinu’s absence, his word should have been heeded. Yet it wasn’t. Worse yet, they killed him. They murdered him in cold blood over the fact that he dared rebuke them and tell them not to sin.

Aharon wanted to rebuke them too, but he chose not to, out of fear that he too would be killed. It wasn’t merely his own life for which he feared; he was afraid for the whole tzibbur. Were Bnei Yisroel to kill him too, they would not be spared punishment, for then they will have killed the ​kohen gadol ​and a ​navi ​on one day, which would be unforgivable.

While only some of Bnei Yisroel sinned, the results were tragic. At that time, many
Yidden lost their lives in punishment for the grave sin. But that wasn’t the end of it.
Hashem wanted to destroy all of bnei yisroel. Moshe pleaded with Hashem, and recited the yud gimmel middos, the thirteen attributes of mercy, begging Hashem to spare them. Hashem finally agreed, saying, “​salachti kidvarecha​”, I have forgiven them according to your word.

But things were not so simple. The world had undergone a permanent change. The
world after the chet ha’egel was not the same as the one prior to it. The luchos which
were written by Hashem had been shattered. They needed to be reconstructed. The
seconds ones were not quite the same. We lack the purity of Torah that we once had. We have Torah with shich’cha, forgetting. We have galus. Our spiritual existence is not the same. We would’ve been able to enter Eretz Yisroel with Moshe Rabbeinu and build a permanently standing beis hamikdash. But that was no longer to be.

And the punishment was just the beginning. The forgiveness granted by Hashem to
bnei yisroel at the time was limited. Hashem said to Moshe,”ֲThe punishment given at that time was but a small part of the duly deserved retribution. The remainder would be administered over year of galus that lay ahead. The seeds for galus had then been planted.

We continue to experience this “​uviyom pakdi​” to this day, throughout all the tzaros
which we have endured in galus, today, and throughout the generations, including ones in recent times. Rashi tells us that any suffering which we experience is due at least in part to the ​chet ha’egel​.

But what if they would have listened to Chur? What if they would have given him the
time of day to explain his concern? What if they would have been respectful and
addressed his points with sensitivity? Perhaps the ​chet ha’egel​ would not have

Again, we suffered because the people simply didn’t listen.

Let’s move on in history…


It was towards the end of the era of Galus Bavel. Hashem promised bnei yisroel
(though the nevei’im) that they’d be returned to Eretz Yisroel after seventy years. That seventy year date was approaching, and according to some calculations it had already arrived. Yet they were still in Galus. The Babylonian empire was succeeded by the alliance of Paras and Madai. The king was none other than Achashveirosh, with whom we are all familiar. While we may view him as a dictator, and to a large degree he most probably was, there was definitely some type of political system that was in play at the time, which consisted of some mechanism compelling the king to comply with various laws of state and protocol. He may have been the one on the throne, but there were definitely other forces at power as well. It definitely had the ring of quasi-democracy, albeit with specific powers limited to a few, under the hood.

Regardless, two particular aspects of the Purim story are of particular importance on
this day of mourning.

The first was the seudah which Achashveirosh made. This party was one to be remembered. It was elegant. It was ostentatious. The finest foods of the land were
served. It was unlimited. It was a conglomerate of all the pleasures of this world, both permitted and those which are deeply ​assur​, combined in one setting–this ongoing affair which lasted for many days.

The second incident was that of Haman’s decree that everyone bow down to him. This decree in of itself did not seem nearly as egregious, albeit perhaps arrogant.

Many leaders, including Rabbonim from the Sanhedrin permitted people to attend the party. How could we possibly defy the king? What a Chillul Hashem it would be to go against his wishes? How could we not comply with the law of the land to bow down to Haman? What a Chillul Hashem ​that ​would be! We need to be devout citizens and follow their laws. Surely that’s what Hashem wants of us.

Ironically though, nothing could be further from the truth. Their philosophy was actually the very antithesis of Hashem’s desire. And so many Jews at the time succumbed to one or both of these challenges.

But there was one Yid named Mordechai. He saw something that others had not. He
saw through the ​sheker​. He saw what was truly ​ratzon ​Hashem and what wasn’t. He begged them not to attend the lustful and despicable party of the king. And he defied
Haman and did not bow to him.

The story of Purim evolved. A decree was signed to annihilate the Jews from all lands. It was a real threat. Not like the one imagined by those who listened to the meraglim. This time it was real.

We don’t know how events unfolded at that time beyond what Chazal tell us. Perhaps
they ridiculed Mordechai. Perhaps they blamed him for their woes. Perhaps they felt
that the troubles they were experiencing were ​because​ of his attitude. Perhaps they
alledged that the anti-semitism of the time was due to his defiance, and unwillingness to go with the flow, and to assiimilate into Persian society according to socitel norms and expectations of the time. Perhaps people even attacked Mordechai verbally and called him a rotzayach, for being the supposed cause of their suffering and inevitable death would invariably ensue due to the king’s decree to have them all murdered in cold blood.

We don’t know. But what we do know is that he was ignored. And consequently, the
decree was enacted against them. We have the hindsight of chazal who tell us quite the opposite. That it was because of those who ​didn’t ​listen to Mordechai that they had suffered the decree.

Eventually, a spirit of teshuvah was stirred deep within them, and they began to listen. Leich kinos es kol hayehudim​. They all gathered to do teshuvah. They gathered in prayer and repentance. They embraced the Torah with love. They fasted and mended their ways. The horrific decree was nullified, both in Heaven as well as on Earth. In this merit we celebrate Purim to this day.

The tragedy was ultimately averted, but it sure came mighty close. We were almost
annihilated. Why? Because they wouldn’t listen to Mordechai. He was outnumbered.
He was not in the majority. They thought that they were right. ​And they simply refused to listen.

Another tragedy due to not listening.

Shabsai Tzvi

It was in mid 1600’s. Klal Yisroel had just endured the torture and suffering from the
horrendous Cossaks, the infamous Chmielnicki Massacres which occurred during the
Hebrew years of Tach V’Tat, gzeiros tach v’tat, as they have become known. The
massacres wreaked havoc on entire Jewish communities across Europe. The pain and
destruction was indescribable. We as Jews had suffered so much over the years, yet
this was a chapter of its own in the book and long saga of galus. Perhaps it was finally time for Mashiach to arrive.

And so began the next era of destruction in Jewish history.

A man named Shabsai Tzvi started a following. He was quite a learned man, one that
by most standards would have granted him the title of Talmid Chacham.

He was deeply involved in the mystical aspects of Jewish thought, Kabbalah. His
prayers, his actions, and his approach. His following grew stronger and larger with time.

Finally he “revealed himself”, claiming to be Mashiach. We know from history that
nothing could be further from the truth, but at the time, he had a very real and large
following. Ordinary, “regular”, devout, ehrliche Jews began flocking to him. Disputes broke out within Jewish communities across Europe debating the legitimacy and authenticity of his claim to be Mashiach, and indeed of his very caliber.

There were definitely many red flags which were present. Yet, on the heels of previous massacres and the hope to turn the pages of suffering, and to put galus to its final end, many succumbed to Shabsai Tzvi’s evil ways. He was no tzadik. In fact, he was a most horrible rasha. Yet many were swept along in the excitement. Slowly, more and more individuals, communities and Rabbonim of the time were caught up in it too.

His true colors were ultimately revealed, and his plans defeated when it all came
crashing down with a cresencdo, when he converted to Islam.

At that point, it became apparent to most religious Jews that Shabsai Tzvi was an evil and dishonest man, a conman at best, and certainly not the Mashiach.

But what happened throughout the episode? Much machlokes in Klal Yisroel had been
generated. Much anti-semitism had been stirred in its wake. Battles occurred, amongst Jews as well as with non-Jews. People were even killed.

Could it have been avoided? Most certainly. But why wasn’t it? Because well-meaning people were too caught up by something sensational to even bother listening. Perhaps there were ​kol korehs ​at the time which were signed by venerable Rabbonim, endorsing Shabsai Tzvi for his remarkable accomplishments. But few bothered to do a first-hand, independent investigation to identify who this man really was, and who he wasn’t. Once again, fear, or perhaps a hysterical, misplaced excitement caused people not to think carefully. The results proved to be devastating. Even after the original Shabsai Tzvi movement had died, spinoffs continued for years to come, as we shall see in the next section.

R’ Yonasan Eibeshetz

It was now the 1700’s. Klal Yisroel had just gotten over the horrific Shabsai Tzvi
debacle. And so the pendulum began swinging the other way. Presently, R’ Yonasan
Eibishetz, the venerable ga’on and talmid chacham, had been accused of being a secret Sabbatean, a student of Shabsai Tzvi, and one who was looking to promote the corrupt values of the latter. To be sure, he wasn’t. And today, one would be hard-pressed to find a beis medrash which doesn’t have the sefer Urim ViTumim, or one of the many other beautiful works composed by R’ Eibeshetz. Notwithstanding, that was the accusation.

The basis for the accusation was based on various kabbalistic acts which he
performed. The details are out of the scope of this work, but suffice it to say that he
was a true tzadik.

The controversy eventually reached the stage of intense and bitter antagonism. The
machlokes once again wreaked havoc within the Jewish community causing
devastation for years to come.

An innocent man, a genuine gadol, his life was destroyed by callous disregard to the
underlying facts.

In an effort to be overzealous and correct the wrongdoings of the previous generation which blindly followed Shabsai Tzvi the rasha, many blindly went along with the claim that a true tzadik was in fact a talmid of Shabsai Tzvi, when in fact he wasn’t.

But did the ones making the accusations do proper fact-checking? Did they listen? Were there distortions of truth? Clearly there were. Was sensitivity given to ensure that we act only with evidence-based information and not to make assumptions before destroying his life and creating enormous machlokes in Klal Yisroel?


A similar incident happened at that time with another outstanding Jewish leader, the
Ramchal, R’ Moshe Chaim Lazzatto. He was also a venerable talmid chacham of the
highest caliber. His seforim are revered today by Jews around the world. Perhaps his
most famous work, the Mesillas Yesharim, is enjoyed by Chassidim, Litvish and Sefardic Jews to this day.

He also published many other seforim. Yet many of them are no longer available. They were burned and destroyed by other Jews. Other Jews who incorrectly believed that he too was a Sabbatean. Moreover, the Ramchal was certainly not Yeshivish. He definitely did not fit the mold. He hosted plays which were used to teach about Hashem and Yiras Shamayim and in many ways did not fit the typical mold.

He was put in Cherem and forced to stop much of his teachings and flee Europe. He
eventually resettled in Eretz Yisroel. But the seforim which were burned were gone

A similar narrative had occurred years earlier with the Rambam. He too was “different” and did not fit the mold. For a variety of reasons, many of his seforim were burned as well. Today, we know that the Rambam was one of the greatest Rishonim whoever lived. The Chazon Ish writes that the mesorah of Klal Yisroel is channeled through a chain from Moshe Rabbeinu through the Rambam and other leaders until this day.

Yet their reputations and works were destroyed in their lifetime. They were persecuted by their very own brethren due to unfounded charges. Charges which were invoked and promoted by people who refused to listen. People who believed that zealousness overrides one’s career, reputation, livelihood, and dignity. Even if the subject was a talmid chacham of the highest caliber. The interest of zealousness overrode logic, seichel​, sensitivity, and basic derech eretz.

What Can We Learn?

If there’s but one common thread in all these stories it is that ​we need to start listening. We can always make mistakes, but when we’re making decisions that affect the lives of others, we need to assume the prudence and responsibility needed to make those decisions. We need to hear all sides before we act. Surely all those who acted wrongly thought that they were correct. Perhaps they thought that they were performing the greatest mitzvah. Perhaps they justified following the majority. Perhaps there were additional justifications. If our actions are wrong, perhaps we can repent. But what if we just didn’t’ listen? There’s never a justification for that. Perhaps this is why we’re still in galus.

Sinas Chinam Today

Very recently, our community has been and indeed remains faced with a medical controversy. Many feel that the responsible medical approach is to vaccinate their loved ones. Yet there are others who disagree. This disagreement is hardly new. It has existed for many decades, if not for over a century. Yet the intensity of it, and specifically how it affects our community to this day is quite devastating. It is a true social crisis, and it’s not going away anytime soon unless we do something to solve it.

It is particularly complicated because those who believe in vaccines feel that the
opposing position is not merely wrong, yet dangerously wrong, and puts the entire
community at risk of disease.

Yet those who hold the opposing position feel quite differently. In fact, they feel that
they are the subject of bona fide sin’as chinam.

The responding sentiment of the pro-vaccine groups is: Sinas Chinam?! What does that have to do with anything?! This is not sin’ah for no reason. And frankly, it’s not even sin’ah at all. This is a health issue. And we just don’t want to get sick!

But before we dismiss the issue off-handedly, let us recognize that no story of sin’as
chinam ever occurred in our history, wherein the perpetrators acknowledged that it was truly sin’ah, much less sin’as chinam. It was ​always​ under the guise of something allegedly genuine. And the meraglim too, although not a story of sinas chinam, also asserted their position stating that they had a legitimate fear of death which loomed ahead were they to enter Eretz Yisroel. Yet there was something wrong with their position.

We’ve also seen how over history, quick, rash judgements can have catastrophic results, as things aren’t always how they appear. So, today, as we mourn galus, the beis hamikdash, and the Churban, let’s take a deeper look before we jump to conclusions.


Pro-vaccine advocates have posed numerous questions over time. Some have been
expressed explicitly, and others merely implied. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the main questions which they pose. Most, if not all are extremely valid questions, all of which call for an answer.

  • Why does your position matter if you’re not a doctor?
  • Vaccines have saved us from devastating fatal and life-altering diseases of previous times. Why in the world would you want to take the world back to that black and terrible place?
  • Why are you being petty and concerned about some very silly issues, some side effects which are so remote, inconsequential, and highly infrequent, putting us at risk of things much more serious, such as real, and debilitating disease?
  • The entire origin of the concerns of the “anti-vaxxers” comes from a fraudulent paper written by a doctor over twenty years ago claiming that vaccines cause autism. The doctor subsequently lost his license as a result of the fraud. Why is this still even a conversation?
  • If there would be real issues with vaccines, why wouldn’t we hear about it in the news? There would be lawsuits. Congress would do something.
  • Like all drugs, vaccines are tested by the FDA. They’re all safe and very effective.
  • Why are you going against the CDC?
  • Why don’t you follow Halacha? All or nearly all Rabbonim say to vaccinate.
  • How can you honestly claim a religious exemptions to vaccines? The claim is such ​sheker​! Where in Halacha does it say that there’s a problem vaccinating? On the contrary, nearly all Rabbonim say that one is Mechuyev to vaccinate!
  • Don’t you care about others? You’re putting others at risk. Are you taking advantage of others who vaccinate, allowing them to get the immunity, while you reap the benefits without doing so yourself? That’s just selfish!
  • Vaccines have been a victim of their own success. The reason why you’re not afraid of the deadly diseases of yesteryear is because we no longer have these diseases, precisely​ because​ of vaccines. If people would stop vaccinating, we would ​be getting these diseases back!
  • The measles kills 1 in 1,000. Even more can become seriously
  • compromised/hospitalized temporarily or long-term. Why would you want that?
  • Why are you adopting such strange, weird views which are cult-like, which come from newly-formed ideologies, based on misinformation spread by ignorant people on the internet?
  • Why don’t you care about the Chillul Hashem that you’re making?

These, and perhaps more, are some of the very valid and warranted questions being
asked by pro-vaccine advocates. It is deeply commendable that these questions are being asked. It is proper and appropriate that we ask questions in life. We grow through asking. We need to ask. In fact, it would be callous, imprudent, and downright irresponsible if we ​wouldn’t ​ask.

But since when is the existence of a question used as a basis for not willing to hear the answer to said question? On the contrary. A question is the beginning of a conversation, not its end. A question is an opportunity to listen to an answer, not to
squelch it.

Did you say, “You know, my neighbor/​chavrusah​/sister-in-law/etc. is such a nice, normal person. Why would they take such a strange, and irresponsible view, namely, to be an ‘anti-vaxxer’? Why don’t I sit down with him/her, have a heart-to-heart conversation, and start listening. Perhaps I will learn something.”? Or did you say, “This person is nuts. I will suppress their very opportunity of being able to explain their position. I used to be really close to him, but now I will keep my distance.” Or even, “I will no longer be inviting my sister to my simchas.”

Is that Menchlichkeit? Is that family? Is that achdus? Is that love? Is that listening? You don’t have to adopt their views. You don’t need to be in physical proximity of
someone who may cause you physical harm, but don’t Yidden deserve the benefit of the doubt? Ask them your questions. Ask away. But ask questions, not statements. Listen to the answers. Then, and only then, decide.

Those who oppose vaccines actually have deeply compelling answers to the aforementioned equally deeply compelling questions, as well as to additional questions not mentioned above. But they haven’t been given the opportunity to present their views in a reasonable fashion.

As mentioned, pro-vaccine advocates claim that they are merely acting for the benefit of their health. That is their true, altruistic and only goal. Not chas v’shalom to hurt another Yid.

But is that true? Let’s take a look at some of the actions which were taken in our community and see. Perhaps the actions taken do not match up with the stated purpose of said actions, which should raise concern.


A proud and upstanding member of a shul for over ten years was kicked out of the shul when it was discovered that their children were not vaccinated. The
parents told the Rav, “But my children pose no risk, as they already got the actual disease. We have blood work to show that they have titers and cannot hurt
anyone in any way. What’s the issue?” But the cries and pains of the family fell
upon deaf ears. Even though it was biologically impossible for the family to pose
any medical threat to other families in the shul, they were expelled. The Rav was
screaming over the phone at the parents in a nasty way.

A sixth-grade girl was kicked out of her school for having been unvaccinated, and had to remain home for the remainder of the year. At the end of the year, all girls submitted stories and memories which were to be shared in a printed calendar that the class had worked to produce. All girls contributed to the project, except for this unvaccinated girl who was not allowed to contribute. ​Is measles communicable via a printed calendar?

Many schools kicked out kids who had not received vaccinations for measles.
These schools could have allowed the students to continue learning with the class, remotely, via Skype, yet many didn’t. ​Is measles communicable via Skype?

A prominent Rav told someone that “the ‘anti-vaxxers’ should be lined up in front
of a firing squad and shot”. ​Is this the way for a human being to talk, much less a
Yid, much less a Rav? Does this rhetoric help promote public health? Whether it
was said in jest or meant to be taken literally, either way, is such hurtful talk
permitted or appropriate?

A Rav in New Jersey publicly told his congregation: It’s better to spend ten hours
watching ​shmutz ​on the internet than to go to an “anti-vaxxers” rally. ​Al eileh ani

A vaccine-skeptic journalist said the following (paraphrased): “I have attended
many vaccine-safety awareness rallies, and I’ve often been attacked by
pro-vaccine advocates who raise valid questions about the views which I hold.
But never before have I been so viciously attacked as I have by ultra-Orthodox
Jewish pro-vaccine advocates who simply jumped on me with personal attacks
and baseless statements that don’t even address the issues. I told all of them
that I’d be happy to address their questions one by one, but they weren’t
interested in that. They just wanted to attack.” ​Frum, Jewish pro-vaccine
advocates share the same beliefs as non-Jewish pro-vaccine advocates, yet in this
epic display of Chillul Hashem, the non-Jewish journalist recognized the utter
nastiness displayed by the Jewish ones which took things to an entirely new level.

An eighth-grade girl was kicked out of her school for having been unvaccinated,
and had to remain home for the remainder of the year. At the end of the year, it
was time for the graduation. The teacher decided that it was OK for the girl to
attend graduation as well as graduation practice. (After all, the girl was 100%
healthy; she was just unvaccinated, allegedly being able to spread disease ​were
she to get sick). However, there was a 45-minute private meeting which was held
between the teacher and her students. The teacher refused to allow the girl to
attend that part, ​just to be mean.​ During that time, the girls were offered warm
wishes, goodbyes, and ices (treats) to be enjoyed. As instructed, the girl showed
up only for the actual practice, was handed a container of liquid (melted) ices
which she was unable to eat then anyway since graduation practice had just
begun. When later questioned by the parent as to why the girl was not allowed to attend that gathering (since she was to attend later anyway), the teacher merely
blushed and walked away.

A rally was held in the frum community to help promote vaccine safety
awareness. In a cynical, cunning, and intimidating fashion, multiple frum news
sites posted an article telling would-be attendants to “dress nicely”, as their
picture would be taken at the event and posted on social media, so that we could
know who’s truly an “anti-vaxxer”. ​A non-Jewish journalist once again proclaimed
sheer shock over the existential threat to Jews by their own brethren.

A Ba’al teshuva and active member of the local community and school had a
number of concerns regarding vaccinations, not the least of which was that his
older child was verifiably vaccine-injured and he didn’t want to vaccinate his other
children. Understandably, the school was concerned with his position, as, in their
view, the unvaccinated pose a threat to the vaccinated. He completely
understood their position too, and wanted to address it in a way that addresses
the concerns of all parties. So they arranged a meeting to discuss it. But at the
meeting, they were downright nasty to him, mean, and uncooperative, completely
invalidating his view without even hearing his position. They made him crazy,
and lied to him about what their intentions and plans were (because he was a
supporter of the school and they needed his money, so they couldn’t be straight
about it, for fear of losing support). ​Afterwards, he said to himself, ​”​What do I
need this for? I was moser nefesh to come to a life of Torah, only to be berated by
my own kind? I don’t need this. I will just send my kids to a non-Jewish school.
They too may be pro-vaccination, but at least they will be more menchlach and
more understanding.​”​ Al eileh ani bochi’a.

At a local neighborhood women’s gathering, one woman got up and started
yelling at another woman and blaming her for spreading misinformation and the
measles. This was due to the fact that some of her children were unvaccinated.
Yet she didn’t listen to the facts. She didn’t listen to the facts that there already
was a vaccine injury in the family. She didn’t listen to the facts that the children
already got the measles and as such pose no risk to anyone. She didn’t listen to
many other things as well. She simply jumped to conclusions and took matters
into her own hands and decided that it was permitted to scream at, humiliate, and
embarrass another Yid without doing fact-checking. The fact that Rabbeinu Yona
says that one is required to give up their life before embarrassing someone
apparently didn’t matter to her.

One person said: “Every shul should ban anti-vaxxers. They are not practicing
Judaism and are actually heretics. Their kitchens should be deemed to be treif and they should be put in real ​cherem​ for the safety of the community”. ​Is this
promoting health? Is there halachic basis for rendering one’s kitchen treif? Is this

Another one said: “The truth is that the anti-vaxxers are din rodef [sic] and it
would be a mitzvah to kill them all were it not for the fact that secular law makes
that illegal” ​Did HaRav Elyashiv zt”l say this too?

Two friends, Reuven (for vaccines) and Shimon (opposing vaccines) had a
conversation via text messaging. First, Reuven forwards a copy of an article
indicating the severity of a vaccine-preventable disease to his friend Reuven.
Shimon responded: If you want to have a scientific discussion, we can. But just
to send drive-by shooting clips or links without willing to hear the whole story,
and to agree to only speak with derech eretz and not to be ​over ​on ​onaas devarim
is unacceptable.
Reuven replies (word for word): Like the nations of the world said to Hashem
when he asked them to accept the Torah, and ​that, ​I cannot accept, so you’ll have
to have that conversation with someone else.
Meaning, to request that we have a scientific conversation about vaccines and
wanting to see the whole picture and being unwilling to accept something blindly,
that is akin to the secular nations telling Hashem that they won’t accept the Torah
blindly, without knowing what’s in it. Yikes!

A Rav who had previously come out with a letter saying that one must vaccinate
later spoke with doctors and professionals on the other side. He also met with
parents whose children clearly had vaccine injuries. After careful thought, he
recognized that it’s not so simple, and vaccinating isn’t necessarily the right
route, or at least not for everyone. Yet he refuses to get involved at this point,
saying that he just doesn’t have the head or time for it. He later said that he
cannot publicly come out saying that he has hesitations with vaccines, even
though he admits he does, because he has children who work for a particular
pediatrician, and if he would do so, they’d lose their jobs.

From a mother: My name is Faigy and I have two sons in a well known cheder.
My sons had been out of school for nearly a month. I worry very much about my
children falling back in their academics. My boys have a physical disposition that
could and did cause them to have an adverse reaction to vaccines, but I am not
eligible for a medical exemption. The day they were “removed” from school, they
were not allowed into their classrooms. The principal claimed he was getting a
lot of pressure from teachers and parents. How do these unknown “people” know my children are not immune to MMR? I feel my privacy of choice has been defied-
why is it anyone’s business besides my doctor’s what medical approach I decide
to follow- especially not the parent body in my child’s school- I wouldn’t dare ask
them what diagnosis and treatments their child is receiving! Can you imagine
standing by the principal’s office waiting to be picked up by your parents for no
fault of your own- at least let them finish the day. If the school was afraid of
contamination then it’s too late, they were in the school building already. I
specifically asked the school when they called that my children are by the office
waiting to be picked up, “can they at least stay till the end of the day, so as not to
embarrass them.” They said, “absolutely not”, reminiscent of Kamtza and Bar
Additionally, my sons have suffered peer humiliation. They were constantly
talked about by peers and teachers. Both sons had an MMR shot when they were
younger but only Dovid showed immunity on a titer. Dovid was asked publicly by
teachers “oh, how is your brother Chaim, what’s he doing, is he learning? Dovid, of
shy nature, came home embarrassed and upset daily. After presenting
information to the principal to return my Chaim back to school and discussing his
medical situation, he first agreed but then changed his mind the next day saying
that based on new undocumented measles cases my son must stay home. He
also said that he no longer has any power to return him to school, that this is a
decision that was made by the “board.” I have taken a great financial loss for all
the days I took off to entertain my son. My poor Chaim has started to misbehave
from boredom. It’s been difficult without a structured school schedule. Will we be
able to ever return back, it seems like the “tricks” to keep these children home will never end.

A Rav said: “Klal Yisroel in America is being run by a ​meshugana ​Rebbitzen”,
disgracefully referring to the wife of a venerable Rosh Yeshiva who opposes
vaccines. The implication was that this Rosh Yeshivah’s position is not based on
facts but merely on the fact that his wife has a holistic approach to health in
general, and thus their fears for vaccine safety is highly and pathetically
exaggerated, in his eyes. What the Rav didn’t do though, is ask the Rosh Yeshivah
what his views are based on? Are they based on a preconceived holistic position,
or perhaps they’re based on the fact that this same Rosh Yeshiva spoke to over
thirty MD’s who’ve confided in him that vaccines may be quite dangerous and
unnecessary but they’re afraid to state so publicly in fear of losing their license? Did this Rav fact-check, or did he just disparagingly repeat what he heard everyone
else repeat?

From a parent: Our two sons both had immediate reactions to their MMR shots.
One couldn’t walk, he kept losing his balance and falling over. The other’s lips
turned blue. They both subsequently developed a lifelong condition that I don’t
wish upon anyone. One immediately and one gradually. Currently, we were now
forced to vaccinate my 5-year-old daughter for her to be allowed back to
playgroup (despite her medical exemption). We cannot vaccinate my 3-year-old
son and he is home with his mother.

From a parent: My 2 year old son attended a certain playgroup. After
investigation we discovered that the frum pediatrician himself had called the
morah and told her that it’s dangerous for other kids to have my son in the
playgroup. My son is a NICU baby and has a medical history of pulmonary
hypertension. Four parents threatened to pull out and after weeks fighting the
morah just gave in to them and said her rov told her to ask us not to come. Said
would only accept a medical note from this particular pediatrician, not anybody

From a parent: My 7-year-old daughter was a trauma victim having drowned as a
toddler and being in a coma. As a result she is unable to be vaccinated. One
afternoon I was waiting for my 7-year-old’s school bus. When it pulled up the
doors opened up… and no one came out. I immediately called the school and was
told that she was in the kept in hallway from 9 o’clock in the morning until 3:40
dismissal. Subsequently she still wasn’t allowed to board the bus because she’s
expelled from school… Nobody from school besides her morah had the decency
to call us even once with any sympathy.

From a parent: My 11-year-old Moshe has an intrinsic asthma and many allergies. He has a medical exemption as he truly had very severe reactions to vaccines. His Yeshiva refused to accept our medical exemption and said that
they would only accept medical exemptions from Dr. A., Dr. B., or Dr. C. I told
them that Dr. A. is the one who time and time again would not attribute my sons
conditions to vaccines despite evidence to the contrary; Dr. B. has no practice at
all. He is an emergency room doctor, and Dr. C. is a pediatrician in Monmouth
Hospital who does not know my child. I cannot understand why out of the whole
the world they picked these three doctors, one not even a pediatrician, from the
whole NJ, while ignoring my doctor who knows my child and says that he cannot
receive the vaccine.

From a parent: After I told my school that it’s illegal, they said, “Keep low, if you
want us to deal with you. Otherwise, will not even talk to you.” In simple English,
threatening one not to take legal action is called obstruction of justice, and keeping a child out of school for no reason is called retzicha. The school claims
that they will call me when I can come back… I’m still waiting.

From a parent: Our family chose not to vaccinate for personal reasons. With my
son out of school during the measles outbreak, we decided to deliberately
expose him the way our parents did, and this way he would be immune for life.
After he recovered, we went ahead and did blood work to show that he had
adequate titers to measles. The blood work came back positive and he returned
to school. Afterward, I got a call from the school that Dr. A. said that only titers
that were from before the measles outbreak are acceptable. But titers that
appeared within the last 3 weeks are unacceptable. ​The logic escapes me. Is this
the way we value teaching our children Torah?

From a parent: My 16-year-old daughter has a congenital autoimmune disorder
which makes her severely immuno-compromised. After getting a couple of
vaccines as a baby and getting very severe reactions such as compromised
breathing and multiple instances of pneumonia and almost losing her when her body shut down so severely, we realized together with our pediatrician that she
was unable to tolerate vaccines as her immune system was way too
compromised. Besides the fact that she has multiple medical conditions that
rendered her sick more often than not as we were in and out of hospitals and
surgeries, we were constantly struggling to keep her healthy without adding in
any additional live viruses and allergens (as she was allergic to eggs among
others) from vaccines.
With the recent outbreak of measles, we were devastated when the school
refused to let her attend since she hadn’t gotten an MMR shot. No amount of
explaining about her condition or speaking to her doctor helped as this was
officially an “outbreak” even though there hadn’t been a single case in her school.
My daughter was crushed as she was already suffering so much from her
genetic condition as it is, should she now be punished as well for being born with
this?? She had a clear medical exemption and yet it didn’t suffice. Being a
teenager, she tried so hard to fit in and not be different and now everyone would
know why she’s absent for so long besides that she missed a major melava
malka that she helped organize and a full week of testing! The school told me
they’re not forcing me to vaccinate her. I said but if you’re not letting her come to
school that is forcing me. You’re pushing me into a corner.

From a parent: We sat with our pediatrician for hours trying to come up with a
solution but concluded that it’s way more dangerous for her to receive the
vaccine being it’s a live virus that she cannot fight off than the small possibility of her catching the measles. He showed me all the contraindications on the insert
of the MMR vaccine label from the CDC and he said it fully states here that
someone with your daughters condition is NOT ALLOWED to receive this shot.
He said he’d be stupid and can be held liable if he gave it to her and something
chalilah happens. He told me I have no choice but keep her home. After 2 full
weeks of seeing her wither into herself and become withdrawn and angry, I
begged the school to reconsider once again, explaining how there is a 2 -4% of
the population that are unable to be vaccinated and that’s why everyone else
needs to be to protect those who cannot. My child is of that 2% and if 96 to 98%
is immune then it’s enough to protect her. They said they will have a meeting with
some doctors in town (not mine who knows her best and I trust) to see what they
advise. That night, at midnight, I got a call that since she’s immuno-compromised she
should get the single measles only vaccine. and not the mumps or rubella since
those are worse and this way she will be able to tolerate it. I spoke to my doctor
who couldn’t believe which doctors suggested this since this option has been off
the market for almost 20 years! He said he used to administer single vaccines 20
years ago and they are no longer available. Then he said that even if it was
available he would never give it to my daughter as the measles vaccine is a live
virus, as the rubella one, and in his experience from giving that one even as a
single it was the worst from all 3. He was incredulous that doctors can even
suggest this and said either they don’t know what’s going on and, in that case,
shouldn’t be advising anyone or they are trying to fool people into thinking that
they’re getting a single vial measles vaccine when in reality not. This begs the
question, did he actually read the package insert of a vaccine that doesn’t exist
and arrive at the conclusion that this vaccine doesn’t have side effects that
would possibly kill my child? Is my child’s life so hefker that based on utter
nonsense, he would put her into such danger?
To make a long story short Chasdei Hashem my daughter is back in school at
this time, but it still took lots of time and we needed to get the rabbanim of the
school involved so the school can agree to take her back. I cannot describe the
pain and agmas nefesh we went through. How our arms were twisted so many
times to try to get us to vaccinate when it was clearly against medical and legal
advice. Would they agree to take responsibility if anything should happen to my
child? Of course not. But we need you to vaccinate to attend school. Do you
make sure that no one with the flu, fever or strep or any illness comes to school
before they’re really well so that my daughter won’t get sick from them?? Are all the foreign workers in the school and stores, janitors, bus drivers immunized?
What about all the adults that are no longer immune despite having been
vaccinated. Are you worried about them?? Is this how we treat each other fellow
yidden?? Is moshiach supposed to come like this?? Will he say if you weren’t
vaccinated you can’t come to Yerushalayim?? Where is Hashem in this picture?
Does everyone believe that there’s Hashem in this world and you cannot catch
ANY disease, measles or anything without Him saying so?

There are so many more stories to share, each conveying a slightly different idea, perhaps one more shocking than the next. But the overall message should be very
clear. The side opposing vaccines has not been heard. Saying that you know what their position is and as such you know that their position is wrong does not in any way constitute listening. Saying that you spoke to a doctor who told you that their side is wrong does not constitute listening to their side. Saying that you spoke to a Rav who told you that you don’t need to listen to their side does not constitute listening.

It’s time to start listening. Notice that we haven’t answered a single one of the
questions previously mentioned, which are often raised by pro-vaccine advocates. The reason for this is because that’s not the avodas hayom of Tisha B’Av. It’s not about the answers. It’s about how we deal with the questions. This is not a medical compilation. It is a human one. One about interpersonal acts. It’s about how we go about obtaining answers. There are answers to ​all​ the aforementioned questions. But you won’t know them if you don’t listen. It all starts with listening.

Some say, “I don’t have time to listen.” But is it really about time? Don’t we have time for all kinds of meaningless things in life? It is both sad and shocking to see how people in our community who are otherwise the most loving, warm, giving, and selfless people can transform into entirely different, nasty, vindictive, subhuman individuals when it comes to suppressing vaccine hesitancy. Almost as if this is a gezeira mi’shamayim.

What about a husband or wife who disagree on this issue and the pro side refuses to
even listen to their spouse who is of the opposing position? Is that what marriage is
about? Is that what will bring the shechinah to a home or to klal yisroel? Listening
doesn’t mean agreeing. It just means being a mentch. Emes is not afraid of sheker, and when two genuinely sincere and truth-seeking individuals work together on an issue and research thoroughly, they will come to the emes, regardless of their previous position.

So I ask two questions: 1) Yes, there’s a health concern, but did you hear the other side? 2) Is your response commensurate with your claim that the reasons for your actions is because of health, or is there a mismatch? Is there an over-zealousness for other reasons which perhaps have nothing to do with thwarting an immediate health concern?

ְכֵּצאתי֙ ֶאת־הִע֔יר :Middah Kinnegged Middah

There are a number of events which occurred over the last several years which appear to be connected, both politically as well as hashkafically. On this sad day, it behooves us to see the Yad Hashem in daily events and see if we can connect the dots where applicable. To say that things are merely coincidence, ​mikrah​, is a terrible sin, in that we are denying ​hashgacha pratis​. Let us glean from these recent events and come out with a more profound understanding of our surroundings and hopefully have a better understanding of Hashem and our mission.


One final thought. In Sefer Bereishis, we are told of the story of Yosef and his brothers. They tried killing him. They sold him. But we are told by the meforshim that they believed that they were correct. They believed, based on actions which Yosef had committed that their responses were justified.

Later, when they were standing before the Egyptian viceroy whose identity was still
unknown to them, they made a ​cheshbon hanefesh​. The pasuk in Parshas Mikeitz
(Bereishis 42:21) tells us:

וַיֹּאְמרוּ ִאישׁ ֶאל אִָחיו ֲאָבל ֲאשִׁמים ֲאַנְחנוּ ַעל אִָחינוּ ֲאשׁר ָראינוּ ָצַרת נְַפשׁוֹ ְבּהתַחנְנוֹ ֵאֵלינוּ וְלֹא ָשָׁמְענוּ ַעל ֵכּן ָבּאָה ֵאֵלינוּ ַהָצָּרה ַהזֹּאת.

They​ said, each one to his brother, we are guilty regarding our brother because we saw the pain of his soul as he cried out to us and we didn’t listen; that’s why this ​tzarah ​has befallen us.

Clearly, they felt that they were right. But Yosef had called out to them in pain. And they didn’t listen. They ignored him. When someone calls out in pain, if you’re a Yid, you listen. It doesn’t matter what you think.

Those who choose not to vaccinate have not had their position truly heard. I mean
listened to ​for real.​ Not like when your wife is talking to you and and she says, “Are you listening?” and you say, “I’m listening, I’m listening” as you continue scrolling through your smartphone. I mean listening for real. They might actually have validity to their position. It may surprise you. The quieter you are, the more you hear.

They may be wrong.

But you won’t be punished if you listen and then act accordingly.

But what if they’re right? Anyone can be wrong. The Torah tells us that even Moshe
Rabbeinu made mistakes, because we’re all humans. And you may not be held
accountable after a hundred and twenty years if you made an honest mistake. Perhaps. Because you’re human. But what if the mistake was because you simply chose not to listen to someone crying out in pain?

Let’s repeat and state unequivocally. The medical questions being raised are very, very compelling. The questions are genuine and they demand answers. But no one is willing to give the opportunity to allow for the answers to be answered. Rabbonim are not listening. Doctors are not listening. Laymen and community members are not listening. And we’re still in golus. You won’t be punished for being a listener. What will you say after 120 years knowing that you could have listened, but chose not to? Let us bring the geulah today.


  1. Your speech does not matter. I am not open to debate, nor do I have the knowledge to debate. I leave the debate to the doctors that I trust. These medical professionals have already “debated” and the facts are that vaccines are what is best for me and my family.

    • 1-Usually you use quotes when you want to make fun of the fact that something someone else claims is in fact untrue or didn’t happen. Are you saying that the doctors didn’t really debate, hence you word “debated” is in quotes. Because that’s in fact correct. There hasn’t ever been a debate. If I am incorrect, kindly point me to the source of a debate which occurred.
      2-“and the facts are that vaccines are what is best for me and my family.” That’s wonderful. You should do what’s best for you. No one is stopping you. They’re just asking that you talk to them with derech eretz. What’s unreasonable about that?

    • As an EMT I learned everybody’s body is different. What is best for you and your family is only known by you, your family, and your doctor, so too with everyone else.

    • And you will allow your family’s and your health to be destroyed while drastically shortening your lives because you ignore what you mumble everyday in psukei d’zimrah:”al TIVTICHU b’nideevim, b’ven adsm she’ain lo teshuah”. It’s time to grow up and stop letting self-appointed god-like authorities decide what what you need.

      If you cannot build self-trust and learn from the widely available truth in health despite the obvious pHARMa propaganda – you have NO way of building and nurturing genuine bitachon in the RBShO! You think that you’re choosing- but if you remain willfully ignorant because you wrongly believe pro-vax rabbis are aligned with emes – you ARE choosing to harm yourself & your family.

      As I’ve heard for decades & keep hearing – all these health tzaros are from Hashem….the RAMBAM tells us the opposite- 99% of these tzaros are the product of poor lifestyle choices & that is a product of willful ignorance, especially if you have Internet access.

      There are a plethora of sites and wonderfully health conscious people who have inspired tens of thousands of people to turn away from sheker-based medicine to conscious healing systems & practitioners and are now THRIVING! Consider getting out of your pain-inflicting comfort zone and become living proof that Hashem wants us to be genuinely healthy & not filled with poisons as are ALL pHARMaceutical. Yes! Every last one!

    • Unfortunately these medical professionals have never debated. They are not listening to the independent science that demonstrates these liability free products that have no safety profile are not safe. Our children are very sick. 54% of American children suffer chronic diseases like anaphylactic allergies, cancer, asthma, seizure disorders, brain injury, diabetes, etc. The “vaccine preventable illnesses” are benign or extremely rare. We no longer have mortality from measles and other illnesses in the developed world due to proper nutrition and modern plumbing. I had measles as a child along with 4 million annually and we were not afraid of it. Most didn’t even go to the doctor because it was a self limiting infection that lasted about a week and then we had lifetime immunity. So many have been injured by vaccines. These childhood illnesses train our immune systems to be stronger and fight against future serious disease like cancer.

    • Rayq, these professionals already debated? With who? Can you post the transcript of this “debate”? Somebody must’ve recorded it.
      That’s fine if that’s the best decision for your family, but maybe it’s not the bets decision for my family. Everyone deserves a choice.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I, too want to share my story. We live in a city that did not have an outbreak whatsoever. My family has a medical exemption because we have history of life-threatening reactions. My school, following Lakewood’s examplle, permanently expelled my children from school and exposed my private medical information to the entire community. When we begged to speak to the menahel, he refused to listen and told us “Speak to the school attorney”. When we tried to speak to the attorney, he yelled at us, called us “reprehensible” for not vaccinating, and told us he refuses to speak to us unless WE have a lawyer! After months of facing humiliation, we finally got a lawyer to attempt to sit down with the school. They refused and told us “the only way we will allow you back into school is if you bring your children quarantined in a self-contained oxygen chamber!” I’m not joking. Those were their exact words. The school even sent a prominent Rav to come knocking on our door, telling us to leave town because “people like you are not wanted here”. We were banned from peoples homes, banned from gemachs, banned from 6 community shuls and banned from the mikva!!! Over a non-existent outbreak! People didn’t allow us into their homes, some children teased and beat up my children at Bnos events, and we were the object of scorn in our community. At this point, my family sufferes tremendous trauma from this and trust in klal yisroel. It will take years for my children and I to recover from this; Hashem should help us heal. What hurts most is that nobody wanted to listen, especially the rabbonim. Thank you so much for speaking about this topic.

        • Actually – that may indeed be “odd” – but the WISEST thing done to date. You’ve lived through many Tisha bAvs and surely realize that every year that we’re not celebrating the building of our 3rd BHMK – it’s WE, individually & collectively, who have destroyed it.

          HOW? By not doing teshuva on Sinas Chinam which destroyed the BHMK 1950 years ago.

          Maybe the problem is that we need to examine all these many Sinas Chinam vaccine-related scenarios to tease out the thoughts, words, & behaviors that are keeping us all in this vicious cycle of destruction.

          Our ego is so good at deceiving us – whispering in the ears of all the rabbis & school principals “it’s okay to denounce & shun these awful rodfim”. Check out the Chazon Ish’s sefer on Emunah uBitachon where he states that if a person makes a mistake & misidentifies the rodef & the nirdaf – he has most heavily violated mitzvos Bein Adam l’chaveiro.

          • To me it seems that this article and its’ comments on Gedolim and Talmidei Chachamim is causing more sinas chinam. It is amazing how some people live on their own planets in which they decide who is the Gedolim, who is Daas Torah etc. The same people that are complaining that they are being ostracized are being mevaza Talmidai Chachaim and liking anyone that argues with them to the meraglim and other reshaim. Who gives them the license do to this?? The same license they have to write about medicine and statistics that they never learnt in their lives!!
            Emotional reasons, like what are you putting in your childs’ body are absolutely ludicrous. Most intelligent people will not hesitate to take a medication that has all sorts of things in them if will heal them.
            Each person is free to choose their own path but do not force your minority agenda on us!!

    • If your story is true, everybody you mentioned; the rav, the menahel, the attorney and the public did the 100% wrong thing.
      The point of kicking anti-vaxxers out of schools is mainly to protect those who can’t vaccinate, so it could be that your “history of life-threatening reactions” is not so clear cut, if your however your right, I feel very bad for you.

    • Come home to Israel, where people treat you nicely regardless of your medical decisions. Hashem is sending you a message that you are not wanted in that community and you should leave. Don’t go down where the rest of the Jews like the 80% of died in Egypt.

    • unfortunately i believe your story, i almost got thrown into the pool for arguing with a pro vaxxer. something very wrong with how they discuss this topic. the fact that Dr”s just start yelling when you ask a innocent question about vaccines (happened to me and others) tells me that theres something very wrong going on. the anti vaxxers explain their position in English and yiddish. were can i hear the pro vaxxers view on this topic. i think i made my point.

      • איך האב געליינט די טענות אויף אידיש אויף אייוועלט. מענטשן מישען אויס די קענטעניס אפצושרייבען א גראמאטיש אויסגעהאלטענע זאץ און טעכנישע ווערטער, מיט די קענטעניס צו פארשען און פארשטיין דקות’דיגע זאכען. זיי זענען נישט אייניג און זיי האבען גארנישט איינער מיט די צווייטע.

        די אלגעמיינע מענטש אין גאס האט נישט די מעגליכקייט צו פארשן די נושא, און אלע לינקס און מאמרים געבען גארנישט צו. מיר זענען נישט געגאנגען אין קאלעדזש צו פארשטיין די עניינים, און נישט יעדער דאקטאר קען עס פארשטיין אויך נישט. מיר גייען אריבער די וועראזאנא בריק, טראץ דעם וואס מיר פארשטיין נישט וויאזוי עס איז געבויט געווארען און וויאזוי עס שטייט, און נישט נאר דעם, מיר נעמען אונזער קינדער אין די קאר מיט אונז. ווייל מיר פארלאזען זיך אויף די וואס ווייסען יא.

        און יעצט איז די שאלה, וואס טוט מען ווען מ’ווייסט נישט? די אלע אנטי-וואקסערס רעדען א ברייטע שפראך, אבער זיי ווייסען אויך נישט. מ’ווייזט אויף זייער טעות, און דערנאך קומען זיי צוריק מיטדי זעלבע טענות נאכאמאל, כאילו מ’האט גארנישט געזאגט! דאס איז א סימן אז עפעס דא טויג נישט. יא, עס איז נישט דא קיין סבה צו פארגלייכען די נייע וואקסין מיט זאלץ וואסער, און נאכאמאל און נאכאמאל קומען זיי צוריק מיט די זעלבע טענה. די סבה וואס געווענדליכע מעדיצינען ווערן פארגליכענט מיט די פאלשע גילט נישט דא, און מ’קען עס לייכט אויפווייזען. אבער די חברה קומען צוריק נאכאמאל און נאכאמאל. צוליעב דעם ווערען מענטשען גערעגט. און עס איז דא נאך צענדליגע משלים דערצו, וואס נאכ’ן אפווענדן א ראיה, ברענגען זיי צוריק די זעלבע נאכאמאל. נישט ווייל מ’האט געפאקט וועיקפיעלד ביים מעשה איז זיין פארש ארבעט שטותים, נאר אפילו ווען מ’וואלט איהם נישט געכאפט, איז א שטודיע פון צוועלף קינדער גארנישט ווערט. אבער זיי חזר’ן איבער נאכאמאל און נאכאמאל קאנספיראציעס וועגען זיין ווערען געכאפט צו יא צו נישט. און אזוי ברענגען זיי צוריק זיין פוסטע פארש ארבעט.

        עס איז נאך דא אסאך צו רעדען, אבער מ’עט עס דא לאזען ביזדערווייל

    • One person does not speak for a whole group just like one yid in niturei karta doesn’t speak for all yidden. If you don’t like the writers style that doesn’t mean that reflects on the whole group. The most important thing here, and this is in response to Rayq as well, is to harbor understanding and Shalom.

    • Could you elaborate? Are you saying ALL “anti-vaxxer’s,” who by the way are really ex-vaxxers, have ONE mindset? And please do share the post!

    • I am not a antivaxxer but considering the confusion of the terminology I will assume you are referring to pro informed consent. So you then are agreeing to cause a division in the Jewish people and are trying to harm people who have a worse reaction from the vaccine than the infection it is designed to prevent? Are you willing to take legal responsibility for anyone who decides to vaccinate based on your personal opinion or are you just talking with no substance.

    • To what can we attribute such “intelligent” insight to this brilliant heartfelt torahdik piece of writing, Mr. Chaim Shapiro? Are you also so wrapped up in herd mentality and gang-think so that you can continue to hate even as you probably piously shuckled through all the kinnos of YET ANOTHER Tisha b’Av?

      Just the use of the pejorative “anti-vaxxer” designed by evil people to foment the kind of hate that you express – tells us all that your posting intentions are not bringing our desired geulah closer anytime soon for you.

      At this point, though it is not obvious to the haters – there are enough Yidden who have worked deeply enough in teshuva (ahavas chinam) to finally experience our longed for Geulah…

      While it would probably be the greatest kiddush shem Shamayim if ALL Yidden would introspect and do real teshuva for the diabolical Sinas Chinam they have expressed & enacted in the name of “daas Torah” while believing & engaging in Vaxxophilia (not very different than pedophilia, just penetrating different body parts) – we may r”l all experience a parallel geulah as we were redeemed from Mitzrayim – 20% of our nation, with caring for countless yesomim of Jews who firmly chose the limiting beliefs of the immoral culture & life of Mitzrayim. Their fear of a
      G-dly life was too much to bear!

      How similar it is with the vax issue – people are afraid of vibrantly healthy children who never need Ritalin, therapy, doctors, & hospitals. They are paralyzed with the fear of thinking this through since the health-minded minority are being deliberately persecuted so as to keep the “majority” in line and socially accepted. Such social acceptability seems to me like being accepted into an “ir haneedachas” – that is Torah-mandated to be destroyed.

      Following history- those who project hate get it boomeranged right back and are destroyed by that very hate. Sorry that you couldn’t get this message through the THOUSANDS of TorahAnytime shiurim. You couldn’t, of course, get it there because they are “tovel v’sheretz b’yadam” & refused to allow rabbanim to post shiurim against vaccines. Sadly, the same goes for CCHF who were contacted to deal with this national disaster but stayed silent. All those millions of dollars poured into creating achdus – down the drain…

      Well – time for “Nachamu” AGAIN- maybe for you – i want the real thing Geulah Shlaimah! I’ve tried to reach your hearts over & over – but they’re just too blocked. I ask Hashem to heal you and melt your fear of nonsense so that you can learn & grow from authentically G-d fearing Shomrei Torah u’Mitzvos, including REALLY loving all Yidden.

      My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the owner of Greater Lakewood for posting this. Thank you to all the courageous true-health activists. Please continue trusting Hashem for your welfare as we all continue educating the educable on how to nurture resilience in our children without barbaric vaccines.
      To learn more, drop me a note at We have haskama of GENUINE daas Torah for using this nontoxic & cheap PROVEN way to protect children from the hyped up ravaged of childhood illnesses.

    • Calling someone an anti-vaxxer is a derogatory term, and spews of sinat chinam. People are vaccine skeptics they question it.
      Unlike those who blindly trust big pharma and their doctors as if they were gods.

      If you’re so convinced that vaccines are safe please provide a link to any long-term double-blind inert placebo study proving that any childhood vaccine is safe.

  3. There are actually 10,000s of stories of parents witnessing vaccine injury. Parents know their child and their observations are just as important or moreso than a doctor who is not trained to recognize vaccine injury and likely spends more time looking at records and computer screens than at patients.

    $4 Billion has been paid out by the federal government for vaccine injury. Major media is not prone to publish these types of stories because the bulk of their revenue comes from pharmaceutical advertising dollars. Additionally, people are scared to talk. Just look at how those who do are treated.

  4. When Rabbi Meir Kahane zt’l, Hy’d, used to speak, all those rabbis and Jews condemned him and yet after so many years many do realize what he said was true. Same thing over here, many rabbis debate something what they are not even professional or experienced in. But to ban someone for different opinion, is not a true rabbi or even a true Jew. But it’s ok Gehinom is pretty big for many people and the entire community which expelled that poor family who commented above, Gehinom is welcoming all of you to stay there and not even be reincarnated.
    People’s arrogance and ignorance makes them to be a blinded fool. Of course there are so many doctors who speak against vaccination but they are being silenced by the media with different types of threats. Our job is to warn the public, but if the Jews want to proudly vaccinate, let them proudly accept autism with all its might but then please don’t complain of the outcomes or say we didn’t warn you. And please don’t shoot the messenger.

    • You are 100% right. We should listen to the anti-vaxxers as we should listen to Kahane. We should provide both with the same time of the day. Their opinions are equally valid.

      • A prominent trait of Amalek that we are enjoined to rid ourselves of is mocking. Simple “innocent” mocking…so, please reread your post & see if it may contain just a hint of mocking and it’s sister – sheker…

      • Thank for providing points for the G-d fearing amongst us upon which to comment.

        While at this point it’s clear that you choose the comfort of your ego-pride of being “right” based on k’FEAR’ah scientism & all it’s bought supporters – you would do well to examine whether you are earning any heavenly brownie points for mocking the truth.

        Your comment also reeks of kafuy tov, leitzanus, & hate of a Jew who was a brilliant Talmud chacham & a beloved tzaddik who was mosser nefesh for his beloved Klal Yisrael.

        • The point made was that just because one person had a cheshbon in what he did does not make him right. Gedoilay Yisroel did not hold of Kahana’s mehalach.
          But again you may not agree that they are Gedolai Yisroel since only YOU decide such things.

  5. After looking at scientific studies and listening to expert scientists and doctors and using my medical knowledge from EMS I have come to the conclusion that vaccines are a cost/benefit analysis that is different for each family.

    We need to put liability back on big pharma so they have a reason to make safe and effective vaccines.

  6. Dear Author
    You & many others aren’t fully informed. You should learn the other side of Vaccination History in US vs in undeveloped world & the modern status of Vaccination. In brief:
    1) the estimated 30-40% of population have genetic predisposition for bad Immunity & neurological Responses to the ingredients of Vaccines. Not sure if you saw the full list of them as they include animal/ human DNA, other substances which were never fully tested on humans for long term side effects.
    The Medical Science studying this genetic predispositions but it’s a very young science & the results are far from being settled.
    CDC calls Vaccines ” safe & effective” while Supreme Court ruled them as ” unavoidably unsafe” & ALL Vaccines manufacturers have been under FRAUD investigation with multiple lawsuits & compensations pays to the INJURED kids.
    2) Do u have full Information about the last outbrakes in NY? Do you know IF outbrakes started from Unvaccinated child or from the vaccinated one/ from traveling abroad?
    CDC states on its website that live virus MMR vaccine does ‘ shed’ virus.
    People with compromised Immunity should know that outbrakes happened in highly vaccinated areas meaning NOT due to Unvaccinated kids; and most adults are DO NOT have Immunity so people with compromised Immunity aren’t protected in stores, other public spots.
    3) there are MDs who risked their careers to share their observations about the health of vaccinated kids I long term & oppose the current INGREDIENTS of Vaccines.
    4) CDC & AMA didn’t train doctors to recognize the harmful effects of Vaccines so Parents who know their child’s health feel that putting their kids’ health into harm of Vaccines is to brake Gd’s law.

    • Unavoidably unsafe is a legal term, as you have been probably told countless times. It is not used in the same context as we would use it in regular conversation.
      Are you honest enough to admit that, and to stop using that ‘proof’ in the future? Or will you continue to show how weak your argument is by continuing to use it?

  7. To commenter #1. I believe your trust in doctors is right for you. You may want to ask your dr a few questions to place that trust on a pedestal. Some questions I would ask the dr are as follows.

    1. Can you tell me what ingredients are in the vaccines you are giving my child today?

    2. Can you tell me how much time is spent learning about vaccines in medical school? What is it that is taught about vaccines?

    3. Have double placebo studies been done on all vaccines you give to my child?

    4. If my child were to have an adverse reaction to a vaccine, would I be able to sue the vaccine maker? (Ask about the 1986 act.)

    5. According to the vaccine package insert (which by the way would you mind sharing it with me?) Wjo is at risk for adverse reactions? Can any of those listed as being at risk receive a medical exemption?

    Once your dr answers your questions let us know how you feel. Shocker some of us have received, many doctors don’t know the answers to these questions.

    • This is another favorite of some people, with no basis. Your doctor does not know, nor does he/she need to know the answers. Speak to those who are doing the research, those that are studying the studies, those that spent years and years studying these things beiyun. Your pediatrician has no clue, he is not supposed to have a clue and his opinions are irrelevant.
      But those who think they can read articles without having studied the terminology, without having been trained in how to find the weakness of the arguments, without an advanced understanding of epidemiology, statistics and chemistry, are the ones doing a disservice to themselves, their families and those reading their comments.

  8. Thank you for speaking out for us. Why are the rabbanim doing this? It’s obviously not about safety since most of them have not banned adults from anywhere, only precious Jewish children. So why??? These stories are heartbreaking. Rabbanim, why do you want to harm Jewish children from learning? Do you enjoy bullying people? Is it just for fun? Is it so you can feel powerful? Because it’s obviously not about health since you are not consistent. My children are banned from shul yet unvaccinated GOYIM are slowed in to serve food. Why? This does not seem like Judaism.

  9. You’re actually leaving the “debate” to 14 people who are the voting members of ACIP, the arm of the CDC that decides which vaccines are approved for use and added to the schedule. it is well documented that most of these individuals have conflicts of interest and are not unbiased. Their decisions are then accepted by the CDC and subsequently the AMA, AAP, and so on. All clinical trials and information about them comes from the vaccine manufacturers and what they choose to make public.

    Anyone who’s been paying attention, knows that the drug manufacturers, who also make the vaccines, have paid billions in fines for products they continued manufacturing and promoting even though they knew people were injured and dying from them, for fraud, off-label marketing, etc.

    And what about all the adverse effects that are only discovered years after the drug has been on the market? Vaccines are even more dangerous in this respect since they are given to almost all children, whose brains and immune systems are still developing, and many adults, a greater number of people than just about any other drug. They are called biologics, not chemical drugs, and because of their components and the way they are produced, not even the manufacturers know everything that’s in them, including foreign particles and fragments, retroviruses, and more. Additionally, potency not only differs from batch to batch, but can also be lost if they’re not continuously stored at just the right temperature and under other exacting ambient conditions.

    Doctors are paid by insurance companies $400 per fully vaccinated patient provided they have about a 68% vaccination rate for their practice.

    Something to think about before blindly trusting your doctors and their “debate”.

  10. Rayk and Chaim–With all due respect- If you care to use your literacy to read all the objective non pharmaceutical company funded peer reviewed research regarding the safety of vaccine technology, you will see with your own eyes that our trusted Doctors are not being supplied with the whole scientific truth about vaccines, as well as other powerful drugs. Your busy doctor gets his edited information from the AARP and the CDC. Unfortunately, those are commercial institutions that are imbedded with medical professionals who have significant financial and career interest in the same pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these vaccines. There’s nothing as corrupting as the Avoda Zara of our day–the mighty dollar. If that’s not bad enough, you should know that the medical school curriculum doesn’t include any training in recognizing most short or long term side effect from vaccine ingredients. If a child goes into anaphylactic shock immediately, the doctor will catch that, but that’s about it. The government itself has acknowledged this and the official system to support feedback, VAERS, is completely broken and has never ever worked. I started out very pro vaccine and was horrified that people I knew and respected did not vaccinate. I thought they were crazy and irresponsible, and I would throw all the lifesaving vaccine information I knew at them, as well as some insults… Then the night before my infant daughter’s first round of vaccinations, I opened a book about the DPT vaccine, and as much as I didn’t want to believe what I was reading, I had to face – where there is smoke there may be fire. I brought everything I read to my pediatrician who was very interested because she was a top professional and she knew very little the about adverse effects of childhood vaccines. That was also a shock! Well, that started 31 years of my research into health and medicine. As a result, I became a well read and informed parent, I chose NOT to vaccinate my children according to CDC schedule. Like all medicines, not all vaccines carry the same risk, and it’s the parents sacred responsibility to protect their own child (“L’fe darcho”, if you will) and determine their own “cost/benefit” ratio for each child and family according to their health issues. I found plenty of MD’s who validated my concern about vaccination harm and were well read in published material that addressed this, despite their medical training that omitted the whole story about vaccine science. My 5 children all attended schools and camps on religious exemptions. They are now grown and B”H physically and cognitively healthy, and are pursuing high level education and research in fields raging from medicine, mental health, to environmental science and politics. As Yiddin, whose ancient Mesorah often run counter to trends in modern western thought and nefarious political, social and financial agendas, we must as a voting block insist on legislation guaranteeing medical freedom, religious liberties and bodily autonomy. This will protect us as a community and society as a whole. Btw, as child, I and every single person I know, had all the childhood infections (measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox) without any complications what so ever, except that my Rashi reading suffered because I missed a week of school! The recent measles hysteria was indeed very scary because it was completely created by a well funded and brilliant media machine with an agenda. They were so effective that they were able to create yet another category of Sinas Chinam. Rachmana Litzlan. Let’s be on the same team. Attached is a short summary of the science that supports our opinions. בֶּן זוֹמָא אוֹמֵר, אֵיזֶהוּ חָכָם, הַלּוֹמֵד מִכָּל אָדָם

    → New vaccines, unlike drugs, are not tested against a placebo for safety, but rather against a previous vaccine or an ingredient in the vaccine (like the neurotoxin aluminum). Please note that the Gardasil vaccine did have a small saline placebo group, but they combined this group with the aluminum group when analyzing results because they did not want to report that the saline group had zero cases of systemic autoimmune disorders reported within 6 months of the clinical trials, while the vaccine and the aluminum group had 2.3% cases of systemic autoimmune disorders reported. (pp. 3-7)
    → Vaccines are considered “biologicals” and therefore do not have to undergo the same rigorous testing as drugs. For example, most drugs have pre-licensure safety review periods that last years, while safety review periods for vaccines typically last only days or weeks. Example: In clinical trials for the hepatitis B vaccine, subjects were monitored for 4 or 5 days post administration for adverse effects.
    → Unlike drugs, vaccines are one dose fits all. Infants, children and adults all get the same dosage.
    → Although some medicines and foods do not agree with all individuals, it is assumed that all vaccines will be fine for everyone. Current vaccine schedule found here, compared to previous years:
    → Aside from thimerosal/mercury (removed from vaccines as a “precautionary measure in 1999 but still found in multi-dose vials of flu vaccines and in one DtaP vaccine and in the DtaP-Hib combo vaccine,no vaccine ingredients (e.g., aluminum, pig virus dna, human and animal dna fragments, human albumin, bovine calf serum, retroviruses, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80) have been tested for safety in children. Ask your local doctor to show you even one safety study on any vaccine ingredient (aside from thimerosal) in this CDC document:
    → Proquad vaccine (MMR-varicella combo vaccine) contains human albumin. Although the manufacturer’s insert states that the albumin (a derivative of human blood) “is free of potential adventitious agents,” an FDA warning states that despite screening blood donors, and testing for and inactivating any viruses in the blood, “such products can still potentially transmit diseases. There is also the possibility that unknown infectious agents may be present.” (page 3)
    → NY Senate bill 2019 bans toys from being sold that have mercury, formaldehyde and other toxic material in them. “Children are not just small adults and their developing bodies are more sensitive to and are at increased risk from chemical exposure,” said Englebright, chair of the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee. Shouldn’t the same be done for vaccines?
    → MMR vaccine has the highest amount of glyphosate (herbicide, labeled by the WHO as a probable carcinogen) than other vaccines. “Glyphosate Found in Major Childhood Vaccines”
    → A tumorigenic cell line, MDCK, is used in theFlucelvax flu vaccine. FDA states, “Some of these tumor-forming cell lines may contain cancer-causing viruses that are not actively reproducing. Such viruses are hard to detect using standard methods. These latent, or ‘quiet,’ viruses pose a potential threat, since they might become active under vaccine manufacturing conditions”. Read more here:
    → Leading world scientists, including Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld (founder and head of the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases at the Sheba Medical Center, affiliated with the Sackler Faculty of Medicine in Tel-Aviv University) and Dr. Chris Exley (expert on aluminum neurotoxicology), are expressing alarm about the potential adverse effects from aluminum in vaccines.
    And here is one of many articles on aluminum toxicity:
    → The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) asked the Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) to show them safety studies on giving the aluminum-containing Hepatitis B vaccine to 1-day old babies. HHS referred them to the vaccine insert (which stated that vaccine adverse effects were studied for 4 days post immunization) and to an ACIP report, which cited seven studies to support recommending this vaccine at 1-day, 1-month, and 6-months of life. Two of these studies included adult homosexual males; a third study did not use either of the Hep B vaccines licensed for infants in the U.S., excluded children that did not complete the vaccine series, and lacked a placebo control; and a fourth study involved “virtually all” adults and did not provide any separate results for infants or children. The remaining three studies were clinical trials that did not have a placebo control and that did not assess safety for longer than 7 days after vaccination. 27-31)
    → A Stony Brook University Medical Center’s study states that U.S. male neonates vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine prior to 1999 (from vaccination record) had a threefold higher risk for parental report of autism diagnosis compared to boys not vaccinated as neonates during that same time period. Nonwhite boys bore a greater risk.
    → Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, pediatric neurologist and former Director of Medical Research, Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Kennedy Krieger Institute, and John Hopkins University School of Medicine, stated (in an affidavit on an alleged link between vaccines and autism that the U.S. govt. covered up) that there are exceptions where vaccines can cause autism (as in the Hannah Poling autism court case).
    → A Lancet journal’s editorial stated that there was, in fact, no research fraud in the Wakefield MMR vaccine-autism study., and Dr. Wakefield’s partner, Dr. Walker-Smith, sued and got his medical license back (Dr. Wakefield did not have the financial resources to sue as well).
    → Senior CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson stated through his attorney that HHS “omitted statistically significant information” showing an association between the MMR vaccine and autism in the first and only MMR-autism study ever conducted by HHS with American children.
    Dr. Thompson, in a recorded phone conversation with scientist Dr. Brian Hooker, father of an autistic child, said, “Oh my G-d, I can’t believe we did what we did. But we did…I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism because I have been part of the problem…the CDC is so paralyzed right now with anything related to autism. They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re afraid to look for things that might be associated…” Audio here:
    → The Institute of Medicine/IOM (an independent, non-governmental, nonprofit organization with a mandate to provide the government and others with advice, counsel, and independent research on major topics in healthcare)reported in 2013 that “the current childhood vaccine schedule has not been fully scientifically evaluated and there is not enough scientific evidence for physician committees to determine if this schedule is or is not associated with some brain and immune systems disorders prevalent among children today, including autism…Most children who experience an adverse reaction to immunization have a preexisting susceptibility. Some predispositions may be detectable prior to vaccination; others, at least with current technology and practice, are not.”
    → Atheist and world-leading vaccine authority Dr. Stanley Plotkin testified under oath during a deposition in 2018 that studies have not been done (although they could be done, he said) on whether DTaP or Tdap does or does not cause autism.…/1-11-18-matheson-plotkin.pdf (p. 241 and beyond) Plotkin also confirmed a 2011 IOM study’s conclusion that there is not enough evidence to say whether these vaccines do or do not cause autism.
    → This same 2011 IOM study is the source cited for the CDC’s website statement “Vaccines do not cause autism.”
    → The CDC’s website also states, “Vaccines have not been shown to cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS),” ( this same IOM 2011 study says there is not enough evidence yet to say whether a D, T, or P – containing vaccine can or cannot cause SIDS. Infanrix (DTaP) vaccine manufacturer’s insert states that SIDS “has a plausible causal connection” to the vaccine.—INFANRIX.pdf (p.12, 6.2 section)
    → Collapse or shock-like states, seizures, and persistent, inconsolable crying for more than three hours are “normal” reactions after a DTaP vaccine, according to the CDC. These are also brain inflammation (encephalitis) symptoms. ) 4-2.
    → The CDC encourages all pregnant women to get the flu and Tdap vaccines even though these vaccines have not been tested for safety in pregnant women, according to the manufacturers. (Page 1 for both:,
    → Former FDA commissioner David A. Kessler estimated only a fraction of adverse effects were being reported to VAERS, a government database to track adverse reactions from vaccines. The HHS sponsored Harvard Medical School project reported, “Adverse effects from drugs and vaccines are common, but under-reported….Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”
    → Vaccine manufacturers are not liable for any injuries or death from their vaccines as a result of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (created because vaccine manufacturers threatened to discontinue vaccine production due to too many lawsuits).
    → The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act called for the HHS to be responsible for ensuring vaccine safety in various ways, including creating a Task Force to make recommendations on how to improve vaccine safety and submitting a report to Congress every two years, starting in 1989, detailing the improvements made to vaccine safety in the preceding two years. The Task Force was disbanded in 1998 and the HHS never once prepared or filed a single report to Congress. 70-76)
    → HHH’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, set up in 1988 after the 1986 Act, has paid out over $4 billion to families who brought strong medical evidence to the government’s vaccine court that their loved ones died or were severely injured from a vaccine(s).
    → The same pharma companies who make vaccines (Merck, Glaxosmithkline, etc.) have paid out billions of dollars for criminal and civil penalties for products they ARE liable for. They can well afford to do so because the vaccine market alone is predicted to be worth $61 billion by the year 2020.
    → Here are just two of many articles on conflict of interest (COI) in the pharma industry:
    “Most U.S. clinical trials are funded by industry. Opportunities exist for sponsors to influence research… Compromises occurred in: research participants’ well-being (9%), research initiatives (35%), publication of results (28%), interpretation of research data (25%), and scientific advancement (20%) because of industry support…”
    “Private health care companies heavily invest in ‘independent’ researchers. Those researchers with COI are more likely to present positive findings… Physicians often begin receiving pharmaceutical gifts and remuneration as early as the first year of medical school.”
    Additional facts:
    ◊ Children who receive DtaP vaccines are more susceptible to pertussis infection later in life.
    ◊ Repeated flu vaccination at a young age substantially increases the risk of flu in older age. See last section “Discussion” in
    ◊ Children who get flu vaccine are at higher risk of getting non-flu respiratory infections
    ◊ Infectious disease deaths, including measles, decreased 85-90% before vaccines were introduced in the U.S. Many cases of paralysis attributed to polio virus (before vaccine) may have been actually caused by DDT (toxic pesticide) usage. Polio was given much narrower diagnosis criteria after vaccine, thus causing lower figures of polio to be reported.
    ◊ Merck has been in federal court since 2010 for falsifying efficacy of mumps vaccine.
    ◊ Childhood illnesses (chickenpox, mumps, measles) may prevent risk of certain cancers (and heart disease) later in life: History of chicken pox may reduce risk of brain cancer later in life Acute infections as a means of cancer prevention: opposing effects to chronic infections? Mumps and ovarian cancer: modern interpretation of an historic association Do childhood diseases affect NHL and HL risk? A case-control study from northern and southern Italy of chickenpox in glioma risk: a report from the glioma international case–control study (GICC) Association of measles and mumps with cardiovascular disease: The Japan Collaborative Cohort (JACC) study
    Former Merck chemist does not vaccinate his own children:
    Read what other high-ranking CDC officials (and others) have to say about vaccine safety:
    This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more information, please consider reading “Vaccines – a reappraisal”by Dr. Richard Moskowitz or “Dissolving Illusions – Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk.

    For more scientific information you can go on the National Vaccine information Center website.

    • Barabara, dear – awakened holy G-d fearing Jews from the 4 corners of vax-frenzy countries are joining forces to educate & empower parents & children with the necessary knowledge & courage that it takes to reject falling for vaccine-idol worship. Just sharing all that readily available damning science on the vaccine agenda is a “revolutionary act” in an era of deception (paraphrasing a famous quote). If you’d like to help more of us brainstorm to engage in more ways to protect more lives & generations from the vaccine eugenics program – please contact us at
      May you & your family continue to be gebentched with vibrant health, longevity, & NACHAS!

  11. Thank you for exposing the truth to all of us about the possible dangers of these liability free products that have never been tested for safety.

  12. I think the writer is bringing up a good point about not having hate for those who do not vaccinate. However, there is a big difference between not hating people and embracing a position in which a clear majority of Doctors and Rabbanim believe that the in action of non vaxxers is a health danger to the community. We as a tzibbur do not have to adept the position of the minority. “Personal reason” and “medical beliefs” not to vaccinate are not valid excuses to endanger a community in the majorities’ view. In fact I once had a discussion with a anti vaxxer and I asked him if he had a heart issue of which there is a disagreement between doctors what should be done, what would he do? he told me that he would research the topic and decide on is own what to do without any medical knowledge. Judge for yourself if this makes any sense. Klal yisroel always followed the advice of doctors despite the chazal saying toiv shebroifim ligehanim, because they were given permission to heal. In the same conversation he used much hateful rhetoric to frum doctors that he disagreed with. If you are following a Gadol that believes you do not have to vaccinate, that is your choice but you cannot impose your minority shitah on the majority of the klal, which according to their doctors and rabbanim are a matter of Pikuach Nefashos. There is hate on both sides of the argument that is not warranted. Again, that does not mean we have to adept to the minorities’ opinion.
    As far as the reason for the gezaira on chinuch, we need a navi to tell us the reason for the gezaira and we cannot make up our own reasons. Just because we feel strongly about a matter does not mean that is the reason for a gzaira. Gedoilim are very careful about assigning blame for a gzaira and simple people should definitely do the same. Such matters should not be used to further an agenda. We do not know the ways of shamayim.
    May we have no more sinas chinam and may the bais hamikdash be rebuilt speedily!

    • Well said!
      People know as much about medicine as they know about gezeiros from shomayim. Yet they pontificate with certainty about both. With equal credibility.

    • Students of history understand well the disastrous results of following “majority opinion” which is really just the fear of being ostracized for logically thinking for oneself & making rational decisions that are aligned with emes. Those who designed the chinuch system that you grew up with left out the most crucial “subject” – educating students to be empowered, self-reliant, & to nurture their conscience as well as the indispensable skill to be able to smell a rat.

      Since the purpose of Adam is to be “Adameh l’elyon” – to become LIKE Hashem, I’m sure that Hashem will forgive me for asking you to pretend you’re the G-d who created His most beloved creature with the utmost in thinking & perceiving skills to care & guard himself – but, instead of using them properly & being accountable for his own health & well being – he trusts openly known criminals & psychopaths with his health (pHARMa & govt). He thinks it’s okay because the middlemen, who THOUGHT that they’re doing the right and happen to be trusted & charismatic influencers who seem very pious to boot.

      Would you be proud of this human being that you created. Would you be willing to protect him as he thinks that Hashem protects fools – even though all he has to do was extend himself s little to reject the ruse & the hoax of the criminals & DO what makes logical sense to enjoy vibrant health?

      Laziness is the problem of the majority. That’s certainly NOT Hashem’s most favorite middah. So we find again & again & again that parents who were too lazy to read and ask about vaccines BEFORE abusing their children with vaccines end up spending their lives dealing with the challenging neurological & immunological injuries & chronic infectious inflammation that vaccines are deliberately designed to do. Lives, families, & communities have been destroyed thanks to pHARmafia along with their signature product – vaccines.

      You, sir – bear responsibility for your poor choices and if you could fearlessly accept that – there’s LIGHT on the other side of teshuva…light & healing – because Hashem can do EVERYTHING.

      For a more effective solution instead of vaccines that’s completely safe, nontoxic, & highly endorsed by GENUINELY ehrlich Daas Torah – contact

      • 1)This line explains the above writers belief of gedoilay yisroel. He quotes we should only follow”GENUINELY ehrlich Daas Torah” which is up to him to decide. Klal Yisroel picks its’ gedolim, not every person has a say on who is daas torah and who is not.
        2) Again this writer as the original writer seems to be indicating that without any medical education he can decide on his own what is healthy and what is not. That seems ludicrous. Hashem does not demand every time a doctors says something you should research it or to have bitachon and do nothing.
        3) Do not fool yourself to think that the anti vaxxers do not have personal interests as much as the pro vaccines have personal interests. All people have negiyous!
        The may have an emotional negiya which comes from their world view or a monetary negiya of selling vitamins and supplements. There is at least one leader of this movement that I know that for a fact that sells these items.

        • Somehow the pharmaceutical industry has been diagnosed, sight unseen, as psychopaths. I don’t know how we can even possibly take these claims seriously. This formula of ‘I don’t agree with his opinion’ = a psychopath just ruins their credibility. Especially when the disagreement is on a scientific point, where psychopathy does not come in.

          Much scientific research has been undertaken into the thought processes of anti-vaxxers and how they come to be like that. It is not a logic, as we can see from many of the comments here.

        • As sad as it is that an entire generation has developed such terribly dangerously mutated hashkafos – it’s a Divine Bracha to see them verbalized & out into the open!

          Responding to all your points will take the space of a full chapter in the book being written on this topic – so those interested in emes vs their ego will read it all there BEH very soon!:)

          That being said – any human being who takes the authority to insist that someone allow mysterious filth to be injected into their or their children’s bodies, whether doctor, rabbi, or principal, is usurping the role of the Ribbono shel Olam Who designed the body perfectly clearly for microcrobes to entire the body through the mucous membranes. This is indeed common sense which has also been corrupted by govt propaganda and the messed over chinuch system.

          One cannot be someone who is so beyond irresponsible as to “Pasken that it’s a chiyuv to vaccinate” AND to still be considered “gedolei Yisrael”. They’re mutually exclusive. As the meraglim lost their chashivus, so has EVERY SINGLE rabbinic (women included) influencer in Klal Yisrael holding tight to the vaccine sheretz.

          “Lo yachalif haKayl, v’lo yamir dasso” – any influencer who thinks that he can make up new halachos that obviously harm & have NEVER objectively shown ANY benefit (we proved it already) – has zero status as a “gadol b’yisrael” just as the meraglim lost theirs.

          With many attempts over the years to have a mature discussion on these vaccine & chronic health issues with rabbanim who blindly back doctors who vaccinate – I’ve been privy to the appalling lack of derech eretz & humility of all these rabbanim who have refused to listen even to my own personal story of vaccine injury in my children & that I BH found ehrlicheh doctors who warn all their patients to NEVER vaccinate. 2 of those doctors are from Russia where every Jew knows clearly to never trust the govt. in the US & other places – too many Jews are pashut- just too naive…

          If you do not have a sense that your rov empowers you to make your own important bechirah vs telling you what to do – it’s time to recognize that we each chose only ONE master over ourselves when we left mitzrayim & it wasn’t a human – it’s Hashm alone. Rabbanim are guides, NOT gods!

          As far as “medical education” is concerned – if it’s drug and surgery based life damaging & sheker based education vs studying holistic health – those who remain in allopathic medicine when we live in the Information Age – need to question their moral integrity & whether they’re doing more harm than good- because they ARE responsible!

          • The writer has shown his views very clearly! I believe after the disparaging remarks the writer has written about Gedolai Yisroel we can now understand his hashkafa and his credibility. Belief in chasivus hatorah and that torah changes a person is one of the tenets of klal yisroel, it is sad that in this debate there are people which have no problem call gedolim names and comparing them to the meraglim, based on his personal beliefs. A Shame!

    • Please explain how only unvaccinated CHILDREN pose a risk to the health of the community. What about unvaccinated adults? What about those vaccinated for whom the vaccine doesn’t work? What about those vaccinated many years ago who already lost all immunity? Claiming that by keeping the children away from school we’ll somehow protect everyone else makes no sense. In my community the children were all sent out of school & the ADULTS caught the measles & spread it among themselves. You’d think they’d learn their lesson, that no matter how hard you try you can never run away from the will of Hashem. But of course the unvaccinated were not let back into school even with immunity to measles because hey, what if the mumps goes around, or anything else for that matter, Hashem will for sure protect us if we keep those children out. We’re waiting for the mumps outbreak in the adults…

      • All unvaccinated people pose a threat to the health of the community. Children are a bigger threat due to the fact that they spend time around the vulnerable of the population; namely other children. You can not run away from Hashem but according to this logic if one has cancer he should not look for a cure???

        • Unvaccinated people don’t pose a threat. Sick people pose a threat. If unvaccinated or vaccinated and un-immune people are a risk to the vulnerable, as you beleive they are, there is no way in the world for these immune compromised people to know who is or isn’t a danger to them. If someone is immune compromised they have a responsibility to protect themselves. Can you quote anywhere in the Torah that says “if you are healthy you should stay away from public places, and if you are unhealthy you should go wherever you wish because the healthy won’t be around to harm you”?

        • Sick people are those posing a threat!
          From experience in a school, the unvaccinated are dangerous yet the sick with fever don’t transmit anything to anyone!
          The BIG question I have is why people rely on vaccines so much and are so sure that because their child is vaccinated they never pose a threat to anyone?
          Am I missing something? Or is Hashem not in the picture for those that advocate vaccines and claim vaccines save lives???????

        • Do children really spend more time around the vulnerable population? Who exactly is the vulnerable population? If you mean that the vaccinated kids in school are vulnerable, then the teachers, principals, janitors, vaccinated (but not immune) children, etc. spend the same amount of time around the vulnerable. So if it was a true sakana, everyone in every school would need to be tested constantly to make sure they are still immune to all vaccine preventable diseases & once they lose immunity ban them from being there. (“Booster” shots do not last.) Is there any logic to any of this? Hashem created a world that’s full of viruses & bacteria. He is also the one who made them contagious. Do you think His intention was that everyone should fear each other & keep away from each other? And if he made them contagious do you also think that His intention was to harm everyone. There must be a reason why He created the world like this. For human beings to decide who should go where, & when, is utterly rediculous. Please let all the unvaccinated children back into school.
          Of course if someone has cancer they should look for a cure. It means Hashem gave you this nisayon of cancer & now you are obligated to look for something to help you through this nisayon. Everyone has to make their Hishtadlus. But how can it be that ostracizing perfectly healthy people, calling them names & otherwise ruining their lives is called Hishtadlus for anyone not to get sick? Keep yourself healthy & you won’t have to worry about contagious diseases. You will probably catch them, true, but you’ll also quickly recover. The truly fearful diseases that we have nowadays are not contagious. How will you protect anyone from those?

    • Without emes, there cannot be shalom. Vaccines are based on sheker- so until this is accepted – there cannot be your pollyianish view of shalom in Klal Yisrael. Doctors who “believe” in vaccines profit off of illness. That’s clearly conflict of interest. There are many ehrlich doctors who have left the pHARMa paradigm that is destroying health and too many lives to count. So go ahead and pontificate with false notions – the emes always rises to the top WITHOUT the noise that YOUR doctors have been making about measly measles. Wake up and smell some rats! The vaccinated are spreading weaponized & lab-mutated measles to destroy the vibrantly healthy control group of non vaccinated people.

  13. I think that this article should be shown to as many rabbis and administrators as possible, and even other parents since often it is the board (other parents/members) who are pushing rabbis and principals to do this.

  14. I personally am disgusted when I hear of reform clergypersons who take the Torah and reinvent it for their own political positions. I am equally disgusted when I read articles like this that do the same.

    There is a way to develop and prove a Torah position, and this article is not it. It is good for the Jewish Week or a sermon for the three times a year Jews, but as Torah jews we have real standards.

  15. Our main problem is the misuse of the religious exemption. You may claim that you have valid reasons not to vaccinate, but how can you claim it is religious. We have religious texts, and none of them are even remotely applicable to your case. There are no teshuvos telling us that paid doctors are not believed, there are no seforim on halacha telling you not to vaccinate.
    Using the religious exemption like this makes us suspicious in the eyes of the law. When there is a true religious objection to something, they will not take it as seriously. Everyone understands this when it comes to Shtreimlach, that we cannot claim them as ‘religious objects’. Why not when it is regarding vaccinations?

    • You are well aware of the fact that lists 6 Gedolei Yisroel who opine that vaccinating is a parents choice and a parents choice alone and further state no school has a right to deny entry to any student based on this. Those who do not vaccinate have whom to rely upon, that was proven there. If they believe it to be a sakanah which they do, then it is against the Torah. It is not a sofeik by them and they do not follow the rules of Denying them entry in schools was deemed a Chillul Shem Shamayim in a letter signed by 3 of the Gedolei Yisroel.

      • The specious arguments quoted here are not the way of the Torah. None of those 6 said that the Torah says not to vaccinate. Yet people use the ‘religious exemption’ clause to further their personal non-religious opinions.

        Funny that you would choose a moniker that is such a contradiction to the content of your comment.

        Btw, my Gadol, who unlike those 6 can actually write teshuvos lehalacha, believes that there is no autonomous right of parents not to vaccinate.

        • Ainer Aza, The audacity and chutzpah of your last statement “Btw, my Gadol, who unlike those 6 can actually write teshuvos lehalacha” is appalling and so telling to who you are. We have already shown you are a Bernie Sanders fan. You are clearly not a person with moral and Torah views. You have exposed yourself and the gall you have to say such a thing about gedolei Yisroel. Have you no shame?

          • Gevaldig! You have the whole world figured out. Bernie Sanders fan = A, and A is roughly equal to B, and everything is fine.

            But if you disagree, histrionics is not the way to go. Just show me a teshuva lehalacha from any of those 6

        • Have you never seen teshuvos lehalacha from R’ Shmuel????
          Do you live in America? In fact, I have in my possession, a very very detailed, written, teshuva lehalacha specifically regarding the measles outbreak in 2018/19 and whether schools should be excluding unvaccinated children written up by R’ Shmuel’s talmid upon R’ Shmuel’s request.

          • Right, Reb shmuel has a talmid who writes teshuvos, by his request. A talmid who is around 40 years old. He is the authority here, because he wrote a teshuva. Reb Shmuel does not write teshuvos that we can see and appreciate.
            That was exactly my point. There is a difference between writing teshuvos and having talmidim available who write teshuvos.
            And btw, that teshuva is based on one mistake, and continues down the line to build a great edifice, on a great misunderstanding.

  16. There is a very, very good reason not to listen, which the author has not addressed: what if there is some validity to what will be said? Can you imagine…if there was genuine cause for concern…the realizations that one must also face at the same time? If your child has a health issue known to result from vaccination, we must face that it happened at our hands. If there is genuine risk, we must face that we ourselves put our children at risk. If there is reason to not inject certain substances into the body, we must face that we did that to our children. It is easier to become angry and hateful than to consider that our actions may harm/may have already harmed our most precious children. Much easier to persecute members of our own community than to face our deepest fears.

  17. Very well written article. As an internist who has woken up to the truth of “modern” medicine, where doctors are taught very little about nutrition, healthy lifestyle, vaccines, the pharmaceuticals they are taught to prescribe and also brainwashed to discount any natural healing methods which have been used since time immemorial; it is clear to be that the core foundation of allopathic medicine is based on sheker. There is a place for allopathic medicine when it comes to acute injury or an acute health situation, crises; however, for chronic conditions the picture is very bleak. May we all aspire to be on the side of those who seek to bring the light of Hashem into the world.

  18. I think this article is doing exactly the opposite of what the title promotes. It started off nicely saying we should respect each other. It should have ended there. After that the author used the platform to promote what he wanted to promote and now the comments are full of sinas chinam.

  19. Story No. 1.

    Dina was a young Beis Yaakov girl who was taught to respect Torah, treat her husband like a king, and do her best to take care of her family. She got married to Chaim, a masmid and a baal middos, and set up her home in Lakewood. She does not have any medical training, so she submitted the medical decisions for her children to those who do, her pediatrician, who was no doubt using the training he was given.

    However, Chaim’s mother was a strong willed person, and she had read a publication that was mailed to her and believed every word of it. She googled a little herself and read the abstracts of certain medical literature, and decided that vaccinations were dangerous because some of those who promoted them made a minority of their money on selling them. Dina was stuck. On the one hand, he pediatrician told her to vaccinate. On the other hand, her mother in law had a loud mouth and an intimidating personality. She took the path of least resistance and meekly submitted to her mother in law.

    When the winter of 5779 arrived, she had to remove her children from school and day-care, because they weren’t vaccinated. She was forced to be moser nefesh for an opinion she didn’t have. She actually understood the position of her babysitter and school, she could even agree with them, but it was just too hard for her. She could not continue working in an office while homeschooling her children, and now her husband has to close his Gemoro and find work. She herself is scared for her own children’s health, but she is forced by the family around her to keep her opinions quiet. When she once dared bring up her problem to her sister in law, she was so ridiculed and made to feel like a fool, that she quickly learnt not to expect any understanding from them.

    • I agree that no one should be coerced.
      In fact all of those that I personally know who don’t vaccinate do not want to force their will on others. They just want to be able to protect their own family – especially those who already had one or more vaccine injuries in the family and are afraid to take a chance on making the situation worse. Where is the understanding for those people?
      Why should people who have known bad results be ostracized – especially in cases where the children ARE already immune and therefor cannot pose even a perceived risk to others. Do we have a right to be nasty because they don’t agree with us? I this what Hashem wants? Is this the way to bring the Geula? Shouldn’t we be taking each case on its own merits and treat everyone with dignity regardless of their opinion. This should be true for all sides of the issue.
      Even if in some cases it is determined that there is a danger due to an outbreak – shouldn’t everyone still be treated with respect? There is a way to say no without resorting to Nastiness and Hate.

  20. It all began on May 15, 1911
    The Supreme Court of the U.S. finds John Rockefeller and his Trust guilty of corruption, illegal business practices, and racketeering. As a result of this decision, the entire Rockefeller Standard Oil-Trust, the world’s largest corporation of its time, was sentenced to be dismantled. But Rockefeller was already above the Supreme Court and did not care about this decision. He decided before his trial if he lost he would create another monopoly using aspects of his oil chemical empire. He chose medicine because of the tight links of drugs to chemical manufacturing. The Flexner Report was a very useful tool commissioned by oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller had made a massive fortune with Standard Oil and was setting his sights on gaining a monopoly in the drug and pharmaceutical industry. However, first, he had to get rid of the competition, which consisted of natural non-allopathic healing modalities – naturopathy, homeopathy, eclectic medicine (botanical and herbal medicine), holistic medicine, etc. Hemp was also a threat to his plans since cannabis has, in some cases, a tremendous medical benefit – it can be used to alleviate pain for numerous diseases and even has anti-cancer properties for nausea and vomiting. How did Rockefeller deal with this? By means of the Flexner Report.
    Enter Abraham Flexner on the Rockefeller Payroll: Rockefeller paid Abraham Flexner to visit all the medical schools in the US at that time. He released the so-called “Flexner Report” in 1910, which called for the standardization of medical education and concluded there were too many doctors and medical schools in America. Rockefeller then used his control of the media to generate public outcry at the findings of the report – which, by means of the classic elite strategy of “Problem, Reaction, Solution” as David Icke calls it, ultimately led Congress to declare the AMA the only body with the right to grant medical school licenses in the United States. This suited Rockefeller perfectly – he then used the AMA (which may be better called to the American Murder Association due their widespread use and endorsement of vaccines, drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation) to compel the Government to destroy the natural competition, which it did through regulation of medical schools and education.
    Flexner Report Promotes Standardization of Medical Education
    We know that monoculture crops are not as resilient as a diversity of crops. Same goes for thought. With all the hundreds of different healing modalities out there, why would we want to narrow it down to one system, if we were truly interested in health?
    After the Flexner Report, the AMA only endorsed schools with a symptom-driven paradigm and drug-based treatment curriculum. It didn’t take long before non-allopathic schools fell by the wayside due to lack of funding. Thus, Rockefeller had his monopoly move from the oil industry to drugs, and Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine were born – and has only grown bigger and more problematic since the 1910 report. Rockefeller, the AMA, and Big Pharma are now all key aspects of the NWO (New World Order) in medical care, but it all started with the Flexner Report. In 1913
    in order to disperse public and political pressure on him and other robber-barons, Rockefeller uses a trick called “philanthropy”, whereby the illegal gains from his robber-practices in the oil business are used to launch the Rockefeller Foundation. This tax haven was used to strategically take over the healthcare sector in the U.S.
    The Rockefeller Foundation was the front organization for a new global business venture of Rockefeller and his accomplices. This new venture was called the pharmaceutical investment business. Donations from the Rockefeller Foundation went only to medical schools and hospitals. These institutions had become missionaries of a new breed of companies: the manufacturers of patented, synthetic drugs.
    This was also the time when the first vitamins were discovered. It soon became clear however that these natural molecules had live-saving health benefits and that they were able to prevent many chronic health conditions. The first books appeared with research, subsequently abandoned, about the health benefits of vitamins. These newly discovered molecules had only one disadvantage: they were non-patentable.
    Thus, in its first years of existence, the pharmaceutical investment business already faced a mortal thread: vitamins and other micronutrients promoted as public health programs would prohibit the development of any sizable investment business based on patented drugs. The elimination of this unwanted competition from natural micronutrients, therefore, became a question of life and death for the pharmaceutical business.
    The Rockefeller Foundation uses the Spanish flu epidemic – and the media (that the Foundation already controlled by this time) – to start a witch-hunt on all forms of medicine that were not covered by its patents.
    Within the next 15 years, all medical schools in the U.S., most hospitals, and the American Medical Association all essentially became pawns on the chessboard of Rockefeller’s strategy to subjugate the entire health care sector under the monopoly of his pharmaceutical investment business. That is what the Rockefeller Foundation is at its core even today.
    Disguised as a “Mother Theresa”, the Rockefeller Foundation was also used to conquer foreign countries and entire continents for the pharmaceutical investment business – just as Rockefeller himself had done a few decades previously with his petrochemical investment business. You need to be aware of the origins of paradigms.

  21. There is a great debate here.
    One thing, if you think the unvaccinated kids pose a risk to the other children, a child with a virus and fever definitely does too.
    Unfortunately, in the school I work for those same mothers advocating to have the unvaccinated out of school have no issue sending their sick child to school because of an appointment or because the child needs to get out and motrin brought the fever down. The same teacher that is scared or things measles is deadly has no issue bringing her toddler to school that is too sick to go to his own school. It angers me to see how hypocritical people can be. If you care about risking other people’s health keep your sick child home too!
    Also, protection does NOT come from vaccines, anyone that thinks they are protected from all illnesses/viruses should just know that there are many viruses there is no vaccine for that killed more people this year than measles did in over 25 years. They will only tell you about it after they create a vaccine for it!
    Protection only comes from Hashem, should be in everyone’s mind daily, thinking your child is protected because of vaccines, takes Hashem out of the picture!

  22. I have a question. If protection from diseases comes straight from Hashem, and therefore we don’t need vaccinations, why can’t we apply the same logic to vaccinations? Protection from vaccinations comes from Hashem, and you don’t need a hotline or to write comments here. Rely on Hashem and that is enough.

  23. Einer Aza, protection comes only from Hashem!!! Again, only from Hashem. That is the foremost thought and belief we need to have. I will answer your question with an analogy, cars can kill, yet Hashem protects, would it be okay to allow a toddler to cross the street during heavy traffic and believe Hashem protects and that is it??? Anyone that knows what is in a vaccine, how they are made and the adverse reactions it has already had on thousands of kids here in Lakewood alone, and still decides to give vaccines as they need to do what everyone does and believes Hashem protects, is as if they cross the street during heavy traffic and wait for protection. Fact is, Hashem has commanded that we protect ourselves…


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