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Please take a moment to daven for R’ Osher ben Chana Frumet. Today is the final day and a ruling will be issued. Tefillos are critical.

GreaterLakewood will be reporting live from the courtroom. Updates will be posted on the website but will be LIVE on WhatsApp. Follow our WhatsApp status – Click HERE   1 (732) 554-1889

Watch Rabbi Eisemann’s speech before sentencing

6:50 PM In a statement, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal says his office “is reviewing the judge’s decision and is considering an appeal.” Both sides have 45 days to appeal the ruling.

5:00 PM The courtroom is clearing out – the case has concluded.

THE JUDGE RULES: TWO YEARS PROBATION – 60 DAYS IN JAIL (Starting July 1st) -an appeal is not likely. The judge also added a 250K fine.

The judge wants Rabbi Eisemann back at the school!

4:44 PM The judge is complimenting Rabbi Eisemann extensively. He says “state prison will not have any impact on deterring Rabbi Eisemann, his faith will deter him” He says ‘His faith rather than jail will deter him’

The judge says he has never seen such support EVER before.

“state prison will not have any impact on deterring Rabbi Eisemann, his faith will deter him”

Judge Bucca

4:30 PM – Judge is still reading… Sentencing will be any minute/second

4:20 PM Judge is reading the rules and guidelines for sentencing. Tehillim is needed now more than ever.

4:15 PM Another attorney is speaking he is almost done. The state will argue for prison time and Sentencing will take place any minute now.

4:08 PM Rabbi Eisemann Just finished speaking.

He asked for leniency to be there for his family and the school. Specifically mentioning his special needs son who needs his care.

4:00 PM State is requesting 12 years in prison

3:58 PM Attorney pleading to the judge for the sake of R Eisemann’s family and son who’s a student at SCHI

3:52 PM Defense telling judge don’t be afraid to go lenient… Just to give probation

3:45 PM Defense attorney Lee is explaining how much R’ Eisemann did for the school and that the actual 200K was repaid in under 2 weeks. He is requesting due to R’ Eisemann’s impeccable character, the judge should not use prison time guidelines rather go lenient…

Confirmed: Rabbi Eisemann will speak

3:35 PM Defense attorney Lee is now pleading with the judge for a light sentence – which can include probation. He is listing all the reasons why the judge should go easy – even the judge himself said the laundering evidence was slim.

3:31 PM Rabbi Eisemann is extremely emotional.

3:30 PM The judge is speaking now, he calls Rabbi Eisemann A good person calling this whole episode an unfortunate situation and calling rabbi Eisemann’s life ‘selfless’

3:23 PM The Defense attorney is reading a letter about R Eisemann as a person, not as a client – written by himself.

3:20 PM The judge announced he will proceed to sentencing. The defense wants probation and the Prosecution wants prison time.

R’ Eisemann will have a chance to speak before the sentencing

3:17 PM Sentencing to follow in a few minutes. Which will be appealed in an appeals court

BREAKING: the Judge is denying the motion

3:00 PM Quick break – will be back in a few minutes

2:59 PM Prosecutor tells the judge not to dismiss the case as it undermines the US court system…

2:55 PM Attorney Vartan looks on as the Prosecutor argues with his points…

2:45 PM ‘there’s a role for the jury and a role for the court’ – Attorney Vartan when Judge Bucca cited the jury’s conclusion

2:35 PM The Defense and Prosecution are focused mainly on the money laundering charge. The assumption is, if that charge can be dropped, the other charge of mistrust in a public official will be dropped. For a deeper analysis on the charges and the defense click HERE

2:20 PM – The Defense Attorney resumed speaking. The prosecutor will speak again when the Attorney is done. It can take a while. The Judge announced that there will be a break at 3:00

2:15 PM The prosecutor (Deputy AG) is now speaking

2:00 PM The judge and the defense attorney are going back and forth.

1:50 PM Judge came in – Hearings begin – live short clips on WhatsApp. Defense attorney Vartan began speaking

BMG Rosh Yeshiva in the crowd


courtroom filling up

1:45 PM The courtroom is filling up with supporters. The doors opened only a few minutes ago. The Judge has not yet entered

A tefilla people can say:

מי שברך אבותינו אברהם יצחק ויעקב, ‏הוא יברך ‏את אשר בן ‏חנה פרומט ‏בעבור ‏שכל הקהל ‏‏מתפללים בעבורו. ‏בשכר זה ‏הקדוש ברוך הוא ימלא ‏רחמים עליו וישמרהו ‏ויצלהו ‏מכל ‏צרה וצוקה. ‏וכל ‏החושבים עליו רעה יפר עצתם ויקלקל ‏ ‏מחשבותם ויפר ויבטל ‏מעליו ‏כל מחשבות שונאיו המחשבים רעתו, ‏השתא בעגלה בזמן קריב ונאמר אמן

1:30 PM – Rabbi Eisemann’s trial is set to begin 1:30 PM. It will begin with a hearing in which the judge will listen to final arguments from both sides whether to throw out and dismiss the case.

1:00 PM – R’ Malkiel Kotler will be speaking. The Mizrach Beis Medrash is full of people learning and saying Tehillim – Note it is bein hazmanim!

READ: Motion filed to acquit R’ Eisemann; summarized & explained

If the judge dismisses the case, it is all over and Rabbi Eisemann walks out free.

If the judge rejects the request, he will immediately move on to sentencing. If indeed the sentencing occurs, the defense will likely appeal to an appeals court.

There will be a special seder followed by tehillim in BMG today – during bein hazmanim – click here for details

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  1. Rabbi Eisemann does not deserve to serve a single day in jail, to be fined a penny or to serve a minute of prohibition. Borouch Hashem for the light sentence but we all must always bear in mind, an innocent man has been prosocuted, and that is a dark day for justice in the United States. May Hashem guard us from all the evil people that seek to harm us based on….


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