R’ Eisemann Update [4/11]


11:30 AM – Just in: As reported about here, The Judge scheduled the motion hearing for the same session as the sentencing; April 29, 9:00 AM.

6:00 AM – While there hasn’t been a significant update since our previous update (see HERE) – due to multiple requests, here is what’s happening now:

The most recent action in the case was the defense filing a motion for the judge to dismiss the two remaining charges. That process took several weeks. Following that motion, the prosecutors issued a rebuttal to the motion. Following that, the defense submitted their rebuttal to the prosecutor’s rebuttal (this last step happened last week). There will be no additional documents submitted to the judge pertaining to the motion – both sides submitted their arguments regarding it, and at this point they are waiting for the judge to issue a date to hear oral arguments in court (where both sides will state their case on the why the motion should be accepted or denied).

Sentencing date was set for April 29; however, if the judge accepts the motion during the motion hearing to dismiss those two charges, then the case is over.

We expect the judge to set a date for the motion hearing within the next few days. We will update you when that happens. Let us continue to daven and be marbeh zchusim for R’ Osher ben Chana Frumit.



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