Purim Pointers From Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little


As Jews prepare to celebrate Purim, the Toms River Police Department is also taking steps to prepare, as well an ensure that everyone has a fun, enjoyable and safe time – as with any other holiday.

Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little told GreaterLakewood.com that he met with the department’s Jewish Chaplain on Tuesday to discuss certain safety issues and to get briefed on other Purim-related details. 

Chief Little told GreaterLakewood that “generally Purim is treated similar to Halloween,” in which case the township experiences more than usual pedestrian traffic.

Extra patrols will be in the area as well, Little added.

Chief Little also requested that the music be played at tolerable levels throughout the duration of the holiday and turned down to levels that don’t extend passed the property lines after 10pm.

The police chief also pointed out that Purim is a great opportunity to bring neighbors together and get to know one another and noted that during Halloween, Jewish neighbors opened their doors and shared in that event by giving candy to their neighbors. “It did a lot to bring people together in a fun, family atmosphere,” he said.


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