PSAK: R’ Elya Brudny tells camps not to go on ‘thrill’ water trips


Following 5 different drowning incidents in the past two weeks, one of the Manhigei Hador – R’ Elya Brudny told camps that asked – not to go on water trips.

GL spoke with R’ Elya who stressed he is not a Posek but he is telling camps that ask, not to go on thrill water trips. Saying, “camps should not be going on Jet skiing and tubing – thrill rides” Adding, “Swimming with a lifeguard is completely fine and is exercise.”


    • Correction: We need Moshiach because the Shechinah and Am Yisrael are in
      Golus. We need Moshiach even when the going is “good”! Do we only hope for Moshiach because of suffering and pain? Tzipisa L’Yeshua is incumbent on us all day every day!

  1. My sister’s camp in Lakewood went to a water park today, they had time to cancel but they didn’t!!, Shows how bogos are religion is that people don’t listen to gedolim anymore and right after Tisha B’av no less!

    • @listen to rabbanim, your comment is horrible how can one say about judiasim that it’s bogus Ch”v!SHAME ON YOU wash your mouth with bleach , just shows how decaying your inner parts are. Yes you substituted rabbis for hashem hence YOUR FALSE RELIGION. Judiasim first and foremost is about our relationship with Hashem, not gedolim.
      And maybe you couldn’t think of it, but where does it say that everyone must follow Rabbi Brudny people have their own Rabbis so why the venom toward someone that doesn’t follow Rabbi Brudny. Last I checked with all due respect he ain’t a Navi

  2. Attn You write an article that he stressed that not a posek so why do you start off the headline saying that it’s a psak
    This is not honest reporting

    • That is his style – due to his humility.
      It is not a halachik psak but it is a ruling he gave to camps.

      We wrote he stressed he is not a posek since he said that…

  3. Listen to Rabbanim
    (August 21, 2019 at 12:09 pm)

    I’m sorry but your comment REEKS from sheer “amaratzus!””

    As the article said, the Rosh Yeshiva TOLD THE CAMPS THAT ASKED HIM. Maybe your sister’s camp used another posek if they felt it was a shayla? Or perhaps there was no Shayla to be asked?

    To spelt the stupidity you did, shows you are in the same boat as the people you are accusing!


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