Politics right away: Beto blames Trump for mass murders, Gov Murphy blames Congress


After two mass murders within 12 hours, politicians are trying to capitalize on it.

Beto, who is falling in the pools to a mere 1 percent, put the blame on Trump. Watch:

President Trump tweeted:

“The FBI, local and state law enforcement are working together in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio. Information is rapidly being accumulated in Dayton. Much has already be learned in El Paso. Law enforcement was very rapid in both instances. Updates will be given throughout the day!”

New Jersey Governor Murphy put the blame on Congress saying:

“Within a mere 12-hour span, and 1,500 miles apart, we saw the horrible impacts of powerful weapons too easily ending up in the wrong hands. The domestic terrorist attacks in El Paso and Dayton, and last week’s attack in Gilroy, California, ought to be the wake-up calls to pull our national leaders out of the gun lobby’s trance. Sadly, however, all we hear is the cliched refrains of ‘thoughts and prayers.’

It is past time for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to put commonsense House-passed gun safety legislation up for a vote in the United States Senate. Over the past 18 months, we have taken tremendous strides to end the crisis of gun violence in our state, but we cannot have these advances undone by continued inaction and deflection at the national level. I am proud that New Jersey is leading the way in gun safety. It’s well past time for Congress to follow. Inaction is inexcusable.”


  1. In 2017 the president eliminated a provision in an Obama era law that would have made it difficult, if not impossible to legally purchase a weapon. Today he’s talking about mental illness being the cause of the shootings. Can someone please remind him of the position he took in 2017, perhaps he’ll reinstate the Obama era provision.


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