Pinterest fights Anti-vaxxers


 Pinterest said it will try to combat misinformation about vaccines by showing only information from health organizations when people search.

Now searches for “measles,” ″vaccine safety” and related terms will bring up results from such groups as the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the WHO-established Vaccine Safety Net.

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In a media release, Pinterest wrote “More than 300 million people come to Pinterest every month to get inspired and find ideas, from easy weeknight meals to crafts to do with kids. We believe a healthy life is an inspired life, and today we have an update on our efforts to combat health misinformation. 

We’re introducing a new experience for vaccine-related searches on Pinterest. Now, when you search for “measles,” “vaccine safety” and other related health terms, you can explore reliable results about immunizations from leading public health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the WHO-established Vaccine Safety Net (VSN), a global network of websites providing reliable vaccine safety information in various languages.

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Last year, we made the decision to stop showing results for searches related to vaccines as a way to prevent people from encountering harmful health misinformation. This new search experience only shows content from leading public health institutions—you won’t see any recommendations or comments on Pins in these results. We also won’t show ads. We’re taking this approach because we believe that showing vaccine misinformation alongside resources from public health experts isn’t responsible.

As we continue to tackle health misinformation, we remove it and the accounts that spread it from our service. But we also want to bring expert content onto Pinterest. We know we aren’t medical experts, which is why we’re working with professionals to inspire Pinners with reliable information about health.  

With these authoritative Pins now in our system, they can also be discovered in home feed, related Pins and from the profiles of the WHOVSNCDC and AAP.”

The post adds “Since 2017 it’s been against our community guidelines to promote anti-vaccination advice and other health misinformation, and we’ve never allowed it to be advertised. We’ve long used guidance from these health institutions to inform our policy and how we enforce it, but we wanted to do more.”


  1. No longer land of the free. Freedom of speech being taken away, freedom of religion under attack…

    Does anyone care?

  2. Actually that is freedom of speech.
    It is their site and they can allow whatever content they choose.
    Just like this site can choose to publish whatever it chooses and not publish what it doesnt like.

    Feel free to create your own site and allow whatever you want on it.

    • BSD

      Right on! Nobody should feel Pinterest has any real interest in compassionately & courageously serving humanity. Friends! It’s a not an inconsequential zechus to honestly, morally, humbly, & kindly be of service to others.

      The ability to authentically emulate Hashem in this world is a gift granted to those who have powerfully exercised their will to align it with the will of our Creator. That truth goes for everyone in our lives. Do not assume, ever, that someone is altruistic & blindly trust them (doctor or rabbi) unless you’ve seen the person in different challenges & see if they really really care. Ask lots of questions if it’s about something as precious as health & ALWAYS study the other side of the issue in order to make a truly informed decision.

      Pinterest used to have the absolutely BEST vax aware memes so they must have been richly tempted, threatened, & rewarded to stop their service to humanity.

      Many of their previous users have cut Pinterest out of their lives & let them know it.

      No one is indispensable & Hashem crushes the frauds & arrogant & raises up the humble to achieve greatness.

      Please share your clever vax aware memes on:

      Reminder: pHARMa is very keen on the philosophy of “the greater good” in terms of harming humans to “learn science” & to use that knowledge to “serve humanity”.

      The morally questionable philosophy is also not very concerned if a person is officially actually well into the category of “the living” when “they” decide that a person has more value if their organs are removed for someone else, essentially murdering that person.

      Please REALLY listen to the deposition of Dr Stanley Plotkin – the chief vaccinologist for EVERY vaccine manufacturer by a brilliant passionately G-d fearing lawyer – Aaron Siri. Listen for the nauseating depravity as he coolly talks about the use of aborted human babies intentionally conceived to be ripped out & used for pHARMa, particularly in vaccine production.

      Listen to how all children globally are used as experimental subjects, NO DIFFERENT than concentration camp inmates were experimented on with vaccines by the same immoral scientific mindsets – right! For WHOSE greater good?

      The entire allopathic medical model is based on creating a toxic inflammation & stress cascade as early as possible in people’s lives & as long as they stay steeped in health ignorance- they’ll never realize that the ongoing throat & ear infections & subsequent physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual degeneration ALL derived from the “rescue” operations of sophisticated
      G-dLESS modern medicine.

      Remember – they will attempt to assist you to survive, but NEVER EVER- to heal & THRIVE! You were born to THRIVE, not to survive on meds, surgery, etc.

      Sooo many doctors have burned out the false gods of pHARMa in their lives & have grown to serve people as functional medicine doctors. YOU, your family, friends, & neighbors can help bring genuine health to our precious communities.

      Check out a few key sites:

      A genuine health educational initiative for all women is taking off in Israel by networking with G-d fearing & effective functional health doctors & educators. There is so much FUN & necessary info on health to share. If you’d like to start it in your community (something akin to dirshu, but concerning health & for women) – drop us a note:


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