Pickup Gmach’s Pesach Clothing Drive NOW Underway


Submitted by The Pickup Gmach

Who are We?

If you spend time, money and effort on your children’s clothing, would like others to appreciate it, would hate for it to be wrinkled or rained on in the donation process, AND want it gone hassle-free, then this pickup service is for you! We are a free pick-up service for current gently-used or new children’s clothing.

We operate a “boutique” and the neighborhood Kollel families who don’t mind putting used clothing on their children “shop” for free, “buying” the clothing that we collect, helping them to get new clothing without the expense. The Pickup Gmach is operated is under the haskama of R’ Yaakov Forscheimer, Shlita.

We take desirable clothing, not unwanted clothing.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Clothing

Please understand that we do not accept bags of stained, pilled, torn, ripped or washed-out clothing. It is not what we’re looking for because it will not look acceptable for another use for Lakewood families.

If you’d like to clear out your attic or get rid of clothing that is over a year or two old, or has been passed down a couple of times, see a periodical or directory for pick up services for unwanted clothing.

Used Tzitzis:

It is generally pasul. Please place in shaimos or double wrap and throw out, but please do not give it to us!


Give to a local uniform gmach.


  1. Sort through your clothing, giving us what we ask for: Size 0-16 girls, 0-12 boys, current and
    stylish, excellent condition clothing (from a season or two ago, provided it is still current and in
    excellent condition)
  2. Put in a garbage bag, seal (from rain), and label “Gmach”
  3. Place outside and THEN text us with your address once it’s out at 848-525-6961
    Leave it out until picked up. Do not take it back in!
    Pickups are done Sunday-Thursday night. Please don’t text late Thursday night or Friday.

Thank you and Tizku L’mitzvos.


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