Pentagon Says Latest ICBM Missile Intercept Test Was A Success


The U.S. Missile Defense Agency on Monday successfully shot down a dummy Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) in space during a highly complex test of the U.S. military’s capabilities to counter incoming missiles from foreign enemies.

Two interceptor missiles, launched from an Air Force base in California, shot down the ballistic missile – launched from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific 4,000 miles away – supposedly meant to resemble missiles used by North Korean or Iranian militaries.

The first interceptor hit and destroyed the re-entry vehicle. The second interceptor hit a secondary object.

“This was the first GBI salvo intercept of a complex, threat-representative ICBM target, and it was a critical milestone,” MDA director Air Force Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves said in a statement.

Greaves added that the system “worked exactly as it was designed to do,” and that the test “demonstrates that we have a capable, credible deterrent against a very real threat.”


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