OPINION: Thank you Dems for giving Trump the 2020 election on a ‘Trumpian’ silver platter


For starters, it is integral to understand the impeachment process and terminology. Impeachment is when the United States House of Representatives votes against the President accusing him of ‘high crimes’.  For a President to be impeached, a simple majority is needed. Currently, there is a 100% percent chance Trump will be impeached.

Following impeachment, the Senate votes to convict/remove the president from office. A 2/3 majority is needed. Currently, there is a 0% chance Trump will be convicted or removed from office. Republicans are technically able to vote immediately to end the trial without having to go through the process, but that requires 51 votes. It remains unclear if they will be able to pull that off.

The Vice President plays no role due to the obvious conflict of interest.

This impeachment is the first in history to be partisan and based on accusations without clear evidence whatsoever.

In fact, On March 11th, Nancy Pelosi said she would never start an impeachment inquiry unless there is bipartisan support. Saying, “I’m not for impeachment” adding, “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country.” Concluding, “And he’s just not worth it.” But thanks to the Left-wingers in her party, her hands were tied, and it appears the Dems will pay a high price – come 2020.

This impeachment process has been a colossal waste of time, resources, and money.

Betting sites yesterday had Trump with his greatest chance to win in 2020 – ever.

As Ben Shapiro says, “The charges Democrats are leveling here are, on their face, laughably inadequate to support impeachment…The Articles Of Impeachment are a joke. They are the legal analogue of a prosecutor redefining first-degree murder to include accidental death (robbing the crime of its vital intent component), and then going ahead and charging first-degree murder.”

Thank you, AOC and her gang for pushing this impeachment process through by pressuring Pelosi and handing us four more years!

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  1. Are there any Democrats who are changing their minds because of this impeachment? This sounds like echo chamber opinions, with people feeding off other like minded people, thinking everyone is like them. Many people do not see things your way, it would be wise to actually listen to them.

    And the idea that this is the first partisan impeachment, after Clinton, is just another in the list of right wing lies around this impeachment process.


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