Opinion: Protect yourself & your family – get a Gun, here is how


This article first appeared on GreaterLakewood May 8, 2019, and was reposted in light of the recent attacks against Orthodox Jews.

It is worth noting there was a shooting today in a Texas Church which ended when an armed congregant killed the attacker…

There has never been a time in recent history where guns were needed more than now. GreaterLakewood confirmed there has been a recent increase in Frum residents applying for firearm permits.

With so many anti-semitic occurrences, you never know which threat is from a disgruntled person who didn’t like his dinner, and which threat it is from a gun fanatic, neo-nazi sitting in a car stalking Jews (who is under investigation).

It never hurts to be protected – basic hishtadlus. Your gun doesn’t have to look like the one in the photo – but should work.

There is a regular general application for a gun and a separate process for a handgun – which is a longer process.

Fill out an application. You can get them from the police station. There are online applications but you need to get fingerprinted and you must first obtain an Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) Number from the licensing department to complete this form.

You must be a resident of the township you apply in.

As part of the application process, you will need to provide ID, get fingerprinted, and provide a few references who will provide ‘testimony’ that you are mentally fit and responsible. Your references will likely receive a call from the police – so you may want to give them heads-up 🙂 You will need to give permission for Police to view your mental health record as well.

Bring your application to the local Police station with a fee – there may additional fees for handguns ID cards – a few dollars per permit…

Keep in mind: Some townships only accept cash. Toms river only accepts cash, Lakewood receives cash or personal check (made out to the Lakewood Police Department) Jackson accepts checks and money orders.

Note – you can purchase pepper spray for under $10 – HERE

Check these links below for your townships information

Jackson firearm information- Click HERE

Lakewood firearm information- Click HERE

Toms River firearm information- Click HERE

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of GreaterLakewood.

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    • Well said
      I would add
      Arm yourself yes With a Gun AND with many many many —MORE—Mitzvos…
      meaning buying your Gun is also a Mitzvah of Vnishmartem
      so its not separate from doing Mitzvos it is a Mitzva
      of course the main thing is TORAH EMUNAH SHABBOS

  1. Sorry, even though I’m politically conservative, I do not agree with this view on guns. I feel that the less guns around the better. I do not feel more secure knowing that there are more hotheads applying for guns. The more guns, the more chances of tragedy occurring. I don’t mind if some designated, trained people in each shul and other public venues carry a gun. But I do not want random people walking around with guns or even having guns in their homes. Thanks for your advice, but no thanks.

    • For those of you who think that fewer guns make you safer, take a look at some of the countries that have a total ban on all firearms. Such as Australia, Austria, Germany New Zealand, France Italy and Spain to name just a handful. Those citizens are not allowed to be in possession of any form of firearm. And yet those Countries have the highest gun violence rates in the world. I for one like my second amendment right to carry and bare arms, and that’s exactly what I do.

      • What are you talking about?

        The highest gun violence is tight here in the US.

        We have the highest rate by far from any developed nation.

  2. The permit allows one to purchase a handgun, but not to carry it.
    How does one obtain a concealed permit?

    • Disclaimer this info I am giving is from research I did a few years ago.
      In NJ it’s very difficult to get a concealed carry permit or even any carry permit. Unless there is a very good reason it is unlikely that you will get a carry permit.

  3. In NJ, even when one has a concealed gun permit, he may not bring into a university, college, school, etc. So any mosid, yeshiva, etc. may not have someone bring in a gun, rifle, etc.

    Change the law.

  4. After the Pittsburgh massacre, I went and applied for a pistol permit. The process was smooth and very lengthy (2-3 months). I bought a pistol, and learned to use it.

    Although it is an interesting and fun hobby, I honestly cannot imagine a realistic scenario where it will be used to defend myself or my neighbors.

    Shooting a pistol accurately is difficult and takes a lot of practice. Even trained police officers miss about 70% of the time during an armed confrontation.

    Also – For obvious safety reasons, I store my gun locked in a safe, unloaded, with the ammunition kept elsewhere. Not going to be much help in an emergency.

    As far as carrying it – in the state of NJ, it is nearly impossible to get a carry permit unless you are retired law enforcement. So no bringing it to shul.

    After having been a casual shooter for a short time, I can tell you that I would be very uncomfortable with someone in my shul carrying a pistol in such a crowded room, unless they were very highly trained and experienced – and I mean Special Forces experience, not Rent-a-cop experienced. The potential for collateral damage is enormous.

  5. It’s all Askanim talk, talk is cheap.
    Who’s arranging a course?
    Who’s arranging for concealed license?
    NJ does not allow in Schools, Universities, Shuls, etc. Who’s arranging to change the law?

  6. It is extremely dangerous to carry a gun into a Shul or Yeshiva. If a situation were to unfold and a SWAT team were called, their procedure would have to be completely different if there is even one armed person in the campus, meaning they would be handicapped and prevented from doing their job. Essentially, we must make a choice between waiting a couple of minutes for a well-trained team or having a single amateur with one pistol in his hand (or not, because if he is not at the right place at the right time, the SWAT team would still be handicapped and he would not even be there).

    Don’t get a gun.

  7. Two of us went to handgun training the other day.
    In NJ, Concealed is very hard to obtain, can’t bring to school, university, shul, etc.
    The amount of training for handling the firearm in a situation is just not “Li’maaseh”.

  8. Mind you, we never handled a fire arm or handgun prior to this, yet I had better than 85% accuracy at target practice with live ammo.

  9. The way the law is in nj one cannot get a permit to carry period very sad for people wanting to protect themselves in the current climate actually our governer is making laws to obtain a gun harder more regulation the people of nj is being denied there basic fundamental rights


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