OPINION: Illegals have nothing to lose by stealing, exposing the sad facts


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Sometimes it ‘pays’ to be in the United States illegally.

One of the benefits, when we accrue a massive hospital bill that requires a third job, they can be treated for the same ailments and get away scot-free.

People in the United States illegally get treated free of charge (for emergencies)

In fact, Gary Miller said ‘Emergency health care for illegal aliens along the southwestern border is already costing area hospitals $200 million a year, with perhaps another $100 million in extended care costs.’

However, if stealing is your thing, it pays to be illegal. You get one ‘get out of jail free’ card!

Let me break it down:

When a legal resident is caught stealing he is arrested and brought to the station. His record is pulled up and if it’s clean he’s released with a court date. If he fails to appear in court he will be arrested.

When an illegal resident is caught stealing he is arrested and brought to the station. His record is pulled up as well. being that he is illegal, and is likely to provide a false name,nothing will show up. He will be released with a court date that he will never show up to! There will be no follow up since no one knows his address or real name. All the police are left with is a photo.

It sounds too bizarre to be true, but GL confirmed with the local Police departments – and this is the sad reality – their hands are tied.

Essentially, illegals have ‘one crack at it.’ And If they aren’t caught, they can strike again. Only once they are caught, and registered with a photo as a first time offender, must they start following the law.

The Democrats are fighting for illegal aliens. Donald Trump is fighting for American citizens.

Stephen Miller

Welcome to the United States.

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