Editor’s Opinion: If Yeshivas are run by the Media, why go to Yeshiva?


There has been an incredible amount of media coverage of a Mesivta in Lakewood which suspended/expelled Bochrim for going to the Skulener Rebbes Levaya. The media is hammering away at the Mesivta – one of the most prestigious in Lakewood – knowing it will get people riled up and will get them better ratings.

I will not go into whether I feel it’s right or wrong – who am I? Am I daas Torah? Am I experienced in harbotzos hatorah for decades?

As expected, the comments are horrendous. In my view it’s despicable to put a story on that is intended to harm Klal Yisroel and tear everyone apart. The goyim are good at it, they don’t need our help. People are bashing the Yeshiva, suddenly every Am Haaretz has a platform to voice their ‘daas Torah.’ The Mesivta has an All-Star lineup of Rabbeim with hundreds of bochrim begging to let them in each year.

And other….

The other side…

“Yeshivos are supposed to be run by the Hanhala, not the media.”

Yeshivos are supposed to be run by the Hanhala, not the media. The media is attempting to pressure the Yeshiva to allow the bochrim back in etc. The hanhala will do as they see fit. If you have an issue with the Yeshivas policy, that’s simply too bad! You can always ask your child’s rebbe but the final decision is the Yeshivas and it is highly inappropriate to publicly criticize a Yeshiva, but even worse for the media to keep pushing and ‘running’ with it – asking Rebbes to comment on an internal Yeshiva decision.

“When was the last time the Satmar rebbe asked R’ Malkiel how to run Tisch.”

The yeshiva is only as good as it is because of their policies and hanhala. Everyone can have their own opinion but keep in mind, they are the professionals, for decades past and decades to come people entrust their children with them. If any Gadol has an issue, they won’t run to the media – they will contact the yeshiva. News publications and media outlets should not mix into the Chinuch of our children. Yeshivos are not, were not, and we must ensure they never will, be run by the media.

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  1. If the Supreme Court in Israel (not an elected body) can decide on every issue, then the Media can decide as well.
    POTUS calls them “Fake news”.

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