Open Letter To Schools & Camps: Let’s have no break between School & Camp


Dear School Deans and Camp Directors,

In previous years there has always been many weeks off in the summer. Even after going to camp for both halves there are still 3-4 weeks accumulative before/after camp until the school year starts.

Parents are now struggling with keeping up financially, emotionally and mentally. Many are having a difficult time coping. Parents work, yeshiva and school schedules are now secondary and competing with providing schedules for our children.

It would be a huge emotional and financial relief if the schools and camps announced that this year there won’t be another 3-4 weeks without structure. This year we will align our schedules to finish school on a Thursday with camp beginning the following Monday. The same for camp ending on a Thursday with school beginning the following Monday.

We parents are ok with the school building not being spotless after months of camp. It can be cleaned over Sukkos break

We parents are ok with the themes and decorations being put up a few days into the school year.

We parents are asking for our children to be structured throught the summer. To provide much needed economic relief. For us parents to have some quiet time. To not have to take off weeks of work again.

We understand this is an undertaking that would require logistics and planning. We understand that there may be hurdles.

We are still asking of our schools and camps to make this happen.

Thankful Parents


  1. All camps and bungallows will be closed this summer.
    All yeshivas and schools shall continue regular schedule duing the summer,to make up for the lckdown when schools were closed.

  2. As per the Mayer there probably wont be school this year. Who knows what will be and if camp will be safe to open…. one day at a time… achakalo bechol yom sheyavo!
    The only thing I do implore is please take extra precautions about safety and dont open just because of the pressures of parents. Do what is right! Schools waited too long to close!

  3. Correction. If i missed the boat. Yes an 8 week summer or more is too much. Always been. Some between option is needed. kids still need time before camps start and school starts. That said why do we have 2 camp sessions? Maybe 1 is enough. With added week after school and before school starts. one should rely on their daas torah and discuss their kids needs. As somone did mention lets iyh hope if moshiach does not come by then that camps will be able to open…


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