Op-Ed: Young Israel Letter Was ‘despicable & reckless’


Days ago Velt News posted The Young Israel of Deerfield Beach in Florida sent out an intense letter against ‘a number of people who blatantly violated the Shul policy’ and held a ‘rogue Minyan this past Shabbos.’

Today the following response was sent in:

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  1. At least the Rabbi had the courage to sign his name. Unsigned letters are meaningless. If you so believe in what you wrote, Why hide?

  2. Great great letter. Agree to everything you said fully. The very sad part is that this whole thing is bringing so much fighting between us I don’t know what’s worse.
    On a side note you wrote you don’t attend shul unless for a simcha. On the other hand, you wrote chapter and verse with quotes from the chinuch etc. Doesn’t seem to be the same person writing it….

  3. People have no clue what went on in that community. People have no clue if the Rav sent other letters begging people to listen. Perhaps this letter was sent when the Rav felt there was no other choice. Maybe one person leaked this letter wrongfully. The letter is written to the shul not Klal Yisroel. It’s no one’s business what goes on there. People should not interfere with what a Rav does, certainly from withoutif their congregating. People who take to public media to blast a Rav, of which they likely don’t know the story behind one piece of information that they see online should be ashamed of themselves. I applaud the Rav for taking a strong stance against people who don’t listen to their Rav.


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