Only one year: Man who threatened to kill Jews, shoot schools, gets one year in jail


Dakota Reed a 20-year-old hater, who threatened ‘I’m shooting for 30 Jews’ ‘No pun needed. Long ways away anyways. See you Goys.’ In another post, he said ‘Y’all mind if I go in to a random courthouse in the movie Narnia and take my M32 grenade launcher?” will serve one year in jail.

Reed never named a particular person or place he would target. Yet he made repeated references to shooting up a synagogue in the year 2025; wrote about “pulling a Dylann Roof;” and yelled on a streaming video, while armed with an AR-15-style rifle, that he planned “to shoot up a (expletive) school.”

But at sentencing the deputy prosecutor said “Above and beyond his threats to harm synagogues and schools, the defendant’s words carried the unmistakable, menacing bite of anti-Semitic and racial hatred, He developed the themes of his threatening vision by immersing himself in a toxic online subculture of memes and normalized hate speech in the public square, most of it tolerated in plain sight until the Defendant turned to threatening violent acts.”

The hate crime law in Washington requires the threat to be against a “specific person or group of persons.” Prosecutors were not sure a judge would find Reed’s threats specific enough to qualify. So he was charged with another crime where a person’s aim is to arouse mass panic. Under state guidelines, both crimes carry about the same jail sentence.

Let’s hope and pray he doesn’t leave prison an angrier man.


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