Ohio State Senate Passes Fetal ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill


The Ohio state Senate on Wednesday passed a “heartbeat” abortion bill which aims to ban the procedure once a fetus has a detectable heartbeat.

Senate Bill 23 passed on a 19-13 party-line vote, according to Cleveland.com. The bill will now head to the state House.

The bill, which has been taken up in multiple state legislatures this year, would become one of the strictest policies regarding abortions in the United States. If passed, women would not be permitted to get an abortion once a fetus has a detectable heartbeat, which can generally happen within six weeks of a pregnancy.

Violators of SB 23 could be charged with a fifth-degree felony, according to Cleveland.com. The conviction could reportedly result in six to 12 months in prison and a $2,500 fine.  


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