OFFICIAL: GOODBYE! Heather Barone Resigns From Library Commission


GreaterLakewood reported two weeks ago, after Mo Hill’s win in the Toms River Mayoral Republican primaries, Heather Richards-Barone, an independent candidate for council lashed out at Hill and voters in Toms River.

“Thank you to all who actually voted,” Barone said. “Not a chance we had against the money Mo Hill had and team from the Orthodox vote and money.  So you got what you voted for, goodbye Toms River!”

Last week Heather resigned from the Toms River planning board. GreaterLakewood wrote a letter to the Ocean County Freeholders requesting for her to be removed from Library Commission. The letter read – in part:

‘We kindly request for her to be removed from any public office position that represents the people of Ocean County. She clearly cannot represent the Jewish community any longer.’ Concluding ‘A public library, funded by the people – all the people – should have representatives which represent ALL people.’

At tomorrow’s library meeting in Toms River, they will officially release her resignation letter.


  1. Not a fan of beating a dead horse, maybe she will reflect on some of the things she said and open her mind. Nothing really good will come from piling on. She shouldn’t be in a position of authority where it can negatively impact people who she may have a bias against, but don’t see the value in reporting on it.


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