NY State Education Dept proposes new guidelines for yeshivas


Less than two months after being struck down by the state supreme court, the New York State Education Department announced proposed regulations Friday for academic instruction at nonpublic schools.

Lohud reports the issue focuses on enforcing state law requiring that secular studies at private schools — like math science, English and history — be “substantially equivalent” to what’s taught in public schools. Concern has been most focused on certain ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish yeshivas that advocates have reported fail to meet the law or prepare their students for employment and a solid economic future.

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“Nonpublic schools are an important part of the educational landscape in New York State, with the regulations, we will ensure that all students — no matter which school they attend — have the benefit of receiving the education state law says they must have. By following the State Administrative Procedure Act process, we are addressing the Court’s concerns,” State Education Commissioner Mary Elia said in a statement.


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