No more carpool discount as the outerbridge goes cashless, Goethals to follow shortly

Traveling to NY with the family just got about $8 more expensive. We all have 2 amazing Governors to thank.


At the end of 2018 when cashless tolls was discussed, NY governor Andrew Cuomo said “Transitioning the Port Authority crossings to cashless tolling will not only improve the safety of motorists, it will also ease headache-causing congestion for drivers and reduce carbon emissions…This critical change is part of New York’s broader effort to reimagine our transportation system for the 21st century and to support the region’s growing economy.”

Cashless tolling systems replace tollbooths with overhead gantries, allowing vehicles to continue traveling at roadway speeds. Tolls are deducted directly from the driver’s E-ZPass accounts or, if the driver is not an E-ZPass customer, a bill for the toll will be mailed to them directly.

Apparently Cuomo was more concerned with carbon emissions than helping families live day to day since cashless tolls remove the carpool discount – a steep discount – to those traveling with 3 or more people.

The Port Authority Board also approved ending the Carpool Plan at the two crossings, with the goethals set to take place in a month or two, since it’s nit feasible to have the discount in a cashless environment.


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