NJ Natural Gas: Tips to make your home more energy-efficient this spring. 

  • If you use room air conditioners, try to install them in a north-facing wall, out of the sun. They’re more efficient when kept cool .Check your AC’s evaporator coil. It should be cleaned annually to ensure it’s performing at optimal levels.
  • Cleaning the underneath and back of your refrigerator helps ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible.
  • Easy maintenance such as routinely replacing or cleaning air filters can lower your cooling system’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent.
  • When temperatures are mild this spring, open windows to let in breezes, allowing you to naturally cool your home (and keep the air conditioning off)

Additionally, switching to LED bulbs, can save you hundreds a year in electric bills. Home depot & Lowe’s have many options but according to experts, amazon has many more options, and styles – at times at lower prices. Check them out HERE


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