NJ Legislature Set To Vote On Bill To Allow Dying Patients To Kill Themselves


The New Jersey state legislature is scheduled to vote this afternoon on whether to allow dying patients to legally take their own lives.

Both houses are set to vote on the bill which is named “Death with Dignity.”

According to the current text of the legislation, the law would apply to New Jersey residents who have received a terminal diagnosis, defined as an incurable, irreversible and medically confirmed disease that will end the person’s life within six months. People with disabilities are not included.

In order to get the prescription for the life-ending medication, patients will have to verbally ask their doctor twice over the span of 15 days. A second physician would then need to verify the diagnosis.

The measure has passed the Assembly twice before stalling in the Senate.

If the bill (A1504) passes both Democratic-controlled houses, Gov. Phil Murphy will decide whether to sign it into law and make New Jersey the seventh state to permit “aid in dying.”


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