New Numbers: Toms River Jewish Community Grows


As required by Federal law since 1947, (Everson v. Board of Education)  parents whose children attend private schools receive Government-funded transportation.

In Toms River, the township finds it cheaper to give a $1,000 stipend per child – as opposed to busing the kids themselves. This is referred to as “aid in lieu” (of transportation).

Jackson township started bussing some kids – but overall Jackson residents tell GreaterLakewood it is a disaster and they wish they can receive aid in lieu.

5 years ago, under 150 children were provided stipends. Last year 850 Kids received aid-in-lieu. The township provided it in 2 separate checks of $500 each. The second has not yet been issued.

Next year the Township will be issuing “aid in lieu” to a whopping 1100 children – To the tune of 1.1 Million dollars. There are likely many more children but 1100 will be eligible for stipends. High school children are eligible if their school is over 2 ½ miles from their home and beyond two miles for elementary students.


  1. Overall Jackson Busing is not a disaster i don’t know where you got that information from, hopefully Jackson will continue to expand the busing. Aid-in-Lieu is a disaster, once you have the money try getting private transportation for your child it costs a lot more money. Please don’t spread misinformation on Jackson Busing, we worked long and hard and continue to to save taxpayer money and make it easier for parents in Jackson, whose kids go to private school.

    • Hi, you say that you were involved…it seems you are an askan.
      As an unbiased news site, we report the news. We report facts. Not what we wish and hope, but what people think and feel.
      Unfortunately people disagree with your assessment regarding the bussing in Jackson. We find many askonim are not in touch with ‘we the people’, but we are, we are their voice.
      Next year hopefully things will be better….


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