New Information for Ateres Tziporah Parents


There are parents looking to form a (mixed grade) group of students to work with MelaMed academy.

MelaMed is an online frum school that allows kids to learn at their own level with interactive classes. The curriculum includes kodesh and chol along with extras like art, programming and even gym.

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If a group can be formed, the girls could have a social circle, a clear schedule and an adult around to help with any questions or issues.

If you have any questions or might be interested in joining such a group (location to be determined based on the size of the group) please email:


  1. It is a sad day in Lakewood if the only school they can get into is an internet school. There are 28 girls school. 90 divided by 28 = 3 can all schools expect 3 girls?

  2. We should all cry on Tisha bi’av “Eicha yushva ha’iyr rabusei um”=Lakewood
    The motto in Lakewood is, We don’t give a …. about anyone but ourselves, farshteist?


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