New AFFORDABLE Frum Community Being Formed Near Toronto, Here’s How To Join


A new community is being formed roughly an hour from Toronto, in Innifsil. They are looking to start with 30 families.

There will be a community Kollel, and there are already two existing shuls.
This project was endorsed by R’ Shlomo Miller.

Single family – detached homes – start in the low $600K’s. (This number is in Canadian dollars, which comes out to roughly $450,000 US dollars.)

You can view a slide show presentation on the project HERE


Both Toronto and Thornhill no longer offer affordable housing in the areas where the frum community lives.

This problem has existed for over a decade, however, over the past 3 years, prices have soared to unprecedented heights leaving very few options for families looking to purchase and live in a home.


Many cities have been explored to ascertain their viability as an optimal place to create a new community. 
The largest factors here include:

• Affordability
• Critical growth potential of like-minded frum families 
• Ability to play a role in the community
• Proximity to the GTA 
• Infrastructure

Want to Join? Fill out the questionnaire HERE


    • Even if $600k is considered affordable, I would assume that they want to grow and not remain at 30 families. If the pricing is STARTING at $600k, it is only going to increase rapidly if it catches on witch defeats the purpose. Don’t know the area, maybe that is the best available option.

      Always wondered about the chassidish communities moving to Lakewood. they come with their own infrastructure, their own schools, shuls etc. Why come to Lakewood that is already not cheap, and has high taxes, why not move to an area in PA, that is just as close to NY, but is much cheaper and has lower property taxes? Not saying this because I have any animosity towards them moving in, just wonder why move to a place, that at this rate, will have all the problems they are leaving NY for, in a relatively short period of time?

    • $600K is an incredible price for someone wanting to live near Toronto. The going rate for Toronto houses are between 1 and 2.5 Million; real estate there is crazy high, so yes, for someone wanting to live in/near Toronto but can’t do so due to the high cost of real estate, $600K is a bargain.

      Additionally, IT’S NOT $600K, it’s $450K! Because $600K equals $448K in American dollars. The 600K figure was in Canadian dollars.


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