Netanyahu Condemns Attack On French Holocaust Memorial


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned an attack on a Holocaust memorial which took place in the French city of Strasbourg.

Speaking at the start of his weekly Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu condemned the “horrific, anti-Semitic” defacing of a monument marking the site of a synagogue destroyed by the Nazis in 1940.

“I strongly condemn all manifestations of antisemitism, and I call upon all leaders of enlightened countries to join in the systematic and continuous denunciation of antisemitism,” he said. “The first way to fight antisemitism is to denounce and condemn it,” he added.

French police on Saturday launched an investigation the incident, in which a heavy memorial stone was moved off its base in the eastern city.

The incident comes amid a rise in anti-Semitic attacks in France in recent months, including spray-painting of swastikas on around 80 Jewish gravestones last month.


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