Neighborhood Flooded With Coca-Cola After Spill At Nearby Soda Facility

Photo credit: KFOX

A neighborhood in El Paso, Texas, is being forced to clean up a sticky-sweet mess after a local Coca-Cola facility accidentally flooded the streets with soda.

The spill, which took place on Tuesday night, is said to have affected several blocks just south of the facility, and even seeped into homeowners’ yards and properties, KFOX 14reported.

Footage shared by the outlet on Wednesday also shows a worker rescuing a bird trapped in the sticky liquid.

Early on Wednesday, cleanup crews were pictured mixing the soda with dirt in order to make it easier to remove.

A representative for Coca-Cola was not immediately available to confirm what caused the spill, though some locals say they believe the soda came up through a drainage system.


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