WATCH: Nakba Day- 65 Palestinians wounded, 9 balloon bomb fires | IDF uses ‘skunk’ spray


10,000 Palestinians took part in Nakba day – ‘catastrophe’ day – protests. At least 65 Palestinians have been wounded amid protests as the IDF used rubber bullets, tear gas and skunk spray.

Several incendiary balloons were launched from the blockaded coastal enclave into southern Israel, sparking fires in agricultural fields outside the border communities of Nahal Oz and Alumim.

Similar to Land Day protests in March, Hamas has placed members in orange vests between protesters and the security fence, in an attempt to restrain the violence as part of the ceasefire agreement it made with Israel.

With demonstrations expected across the West Bank and Jerusalem, Ynet news reported that hundreds of additional Border Police officers have been deployed to Jerusalem’s Old City, several east Jerusalem neighborhoods and the crossing between Israel and the West Bank.

Reporters said this year’s protest was modest compared to similar ones.

As reported on GreaterLakewood, Hamas had been urging people to turn up in large numbers – including closing schools so children can join – to protest what it calls the occupation and show resistance.


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