MUST READ: Incredible Poem From A Kallah On Her Current Situation

Credit: Kleinfeld Designer Gown

For 20 years I’ve waited for this day

To wear a white gown and veil on my face

To glow and to smile as everyone comes to say

Mazel Tov Kallah its your special day

All my friends and family will stand and watch eagerly

As my chosson would say harei at mikudeshes li

The singing, clapping and dancing wont stop

From the second my chosson breaks the glass cup

Hugs and kisses to all those who came from far and near

Rejoicing on this day with my friends and family so dear

Oh how many times have I envisioned this very night

The many dreams that everything should be just right

But as the day draws near there is trepidation in my heart

Where will my special day be ? Will all my close ones be a part?

Will I have to celebrate in the backyard or maybe in my house?

Will I have to walk down the driveway to greet my new spouse?

I stop and I think about this all and wonder why?

The pain is so much tears fall from my eyes

Hashem, my happiest day cant it be to the fullest?

Why does my wedding have to be the dullest ?

And then I realize how all these years Hashems been dreaming about His day too

When mashiach will come to greet every Jew

The simcha in the air will be felt everywhere

No more pain and suffering for all those we hold dear

But we are so caught up in our everyday lives

We dont stop to think and realize

That Hashem is waiting for us to come back to Him

He wants us to return to Har Haelokim

Yes Ive been dreaming about my wedding since I was 2

But for thousands of years Hashems been waiting for us to return each and every Jew

Hes dreaming of the day we can come back forever

Like a chosson and kallah on yom chupaso together

Hashem! We are ready, ready as could be

The tears that we shed can fill up the sea

Come out to us dont hide your face

Because we are waiting to finally be in your embrace



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