MUST-READ: Great post slamming media for anti-Jewish bias


The following was posted by Leibel Baumgarten’s Facebook and Twitter accounts:

You all saw that story of the one Jew who was arrested for hoarding masks, disinfectant, and medical supplies, yes?

Did you hear about the Jews that I work for who donated more than 120 oxygen concentrators to medical organizations in NY and NJ costing tens of thousands?

Did you hear when they donated thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer to first responders?

Did you hear when a Jewish guy in Lakewood started collecting money for masks for healthcare workers and quickly raised $50,000 and has expanded distribution to all kinds of equipment?

Did you hear about the dozens upon dozens of whatsapp groups that opened with hundreds of volunteers doing grocery and medicine shopping for elderly and homebound people in isolation?

Did you hear about the dozens upon dozens of synagogues who have given member funded interest free loans?

Did you hear about all those scummy Orthodox Jewish employers who’s businesses have dried up but are still paying employees?

Did you hear of the hundreds of families who are mourning and were unable to attend their parents or grandparents funerals, are unable to say kaddish, are unable to sit shivah together, or did you only see that one clip of one funeral with 25 people not social distancing?

This is but a fraction of what is going on.
The amount of pain we are going through is unimaginable.

But the amount of good that is coming out of our communities is staggering.

But of course, only the few outliers breaking the rules will generate clicks.


  1. Well said!

    Unfortunately it will fall on the deaf ears, just like the Nazis ignored the screams of their victims.

    Hate knows no bounds


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