MUST LISTEN: R’ Avigdor Miller on The ‘Trump Impeachment’


This was first posted on GL In early October but brought back in light of this week’s impeachment.

Rabbi Miller discussed the topic of impeachment during the days of the Nixon tapes, however, the content is relevant today!

47 years later, every word is spot on!



  1. I dont think Rav Avigdor Miller in his wildest dreams could have anticipated how low and wild the world of politics and the world in general has come to

  2. But we Republicans are squeaky clean. The Republicans couldn’t win at the ballotbox so they impeached Clinton for acts that were done by every president and had nothing to do with his leadership. I’m all for Trump because of his policies, but we have to admit that Republicans do the same political moves as the Dems.

    • That’s barely the point! The gedolim Are Those Who guid us, with there common sense. And yes maybe both parties crossed the line between right and wrong,but R’ avigdors words will always be true and right


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