Mi Ka’omcha Yisroel: Lakewood Bochurim helped out by Chabad Rabbi


A group of Lakewood Bachurim were on their way to Eretz Yisroel this past week for a Lebedike Torahdike summer. Their flight was supposed to leave at 4:50 PM Wed. afternoon. Partially due to bad weather and mostly due to United Airline’s ineptness they did not end up leaving till the next day, Thursday at 1:00 PM.

United kept and delaying the first flight 1 hour at a time then altogether canceled it after the boys were sitting on the plane for over 5 hours! They were rebooked on a later flight which also got delayed by more than 12 hours. 

Many of the boys had minimal food with them and were going for more than 24 hours without eating. United did not offer them food, drinks, or lodgings. Only being able to eat Kosher obviously, severely limited their options.

While the parents were trying to get food sent over once again United did nothing to help them get it through security.

Enters Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, Rabbi of New Brunswick Rutger University and Port Authority. With true Chabad Ahavas Yisroel without consideration of one’s denomination, Litvish, Chasidish, Misnagdish, Sefardish, Yeshivish, etc.

He truly saved the day! Rabbi Carlebach himself got more than 10 Kosher Pizza pies (for which he refuses compensation) and personally brought it through security himself. With minutes to boarding Boruch Hashem the boys were able to eat a satisfying hot meal before boarding their flight! Mi Keamcha Yisroel!! 


  1. How beautiful I got to know this tzaddik for a few minutes in route to Reb Shlomala bobovers grave. It was raining bery heavely then as well we stopped by for coffee.His hospotality was amazing hashem shall bentch you with all you want and desire.


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