Watch: Menendez Gets Robocall While Discussing His Anti-Robocall Legislation


New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez introduced the Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act in the Senate, which aims to crack down on annoying, disruptive and illegal robocalls.

Menendez says those calls are just about ripping people off and that he wants to hold the callers accountable.

The bill, known as the TRACED act, would fine robocallers $10,000 if they are found in violation.

“That’s why I’ve cosponsored a piece of legislation that will close loopholes in our telemarketing laws, stop the harassment and give law enforcement a better shot at catching the fraudsters flooding our phone lines,” said Menendez.

The act also extends the window for the FCC to catch and take civil enforcement action.

During the press conference touting his legislation, Menendez actually received a robocall and answered it.

He highlighted a pediatrician, a small business owner, and a woman who worked for a non-profit, all of whom complained of receiving tons of calls and how the calls had disrupted their lives.

The act unanimously passed the Senate Commerce Committee earlier this month and has broad support.

There is no word yet on when it will be heard on the floor.


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