Mail Bomber Pleads Guilty


The man accused of sending a series of pipe bombs to Democratic politicians and critics of President Trump pleaded guilty on Thursday in a New York federal court.

Cesar Sayoc Jr. entered his plea in a court in Manhattan, telling the judge that he never intended for the mailed devices to explode, according to The Associated Press.

“I know that these actions were wrong and I’m sorry,” Sayoc said when entering his plea.

Sayoc also told the judge that he created objects that were made to look like pipe bombs and put explosive powder from fireworks inside them.

Sayoc was arrested in Florida in October and accused of sending pipe bombs to more than a dozen people and entities, including CNN, Hillary Clinton, former President Obama and liberal donor George Soros.

He faces 65 counts, including using a weapon of mass destruction, mailing explosives with intent to kill and interstate transportation of an explosive.

He can be sentenced to life in prison.  


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