London Heathrow Airport launches thermal screening trial for coronavirus symptoms

Credit: VeltNews Media

London Heathrow Airport is implementing thermal screening in one of its arrival terminals in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 

The technology under trial “uses camera detection systems capable of monitoring the temperatures of multiple people moving through the airport,” Heathrow’s CEO said in a statement.

Some background: Other international airports have implemented temperature screenings, but they are not currently required to take place in the UK.

The Spanish Health Ministry made temperature checks in airports mandatory earlier this month. 

Temperature checks in the immigration hall of terminal two is part of a wider range of precautions being adopted to reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19 in the future.

Starting this week, all operational staff at Heathrow have to wear face coverings, and are handing them out to passengers who do not have their own, Heathrow said. 

Observations from the trial will be shared with the UK government, and will also “explore the use of UV sanitation” and “contact-free security screening equipment”, John Holland-Kaye said. 

He called for international standards of temperature screening in all airports to be implemented and said this trial could provide a global template.

CNN has previously reported that Heathrow has been conducting temperature checks on passengers where their destination requires it. 


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