LCSW & Police meet to discuss reducing crime


Leading Lakewood Police officials and Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch/Shomrim (LCSW) coordinators held a productive meeting on Thursday to discuss ways and methods to enhance security and crime prevention in Lakewood. 

A segment of the conversation was to engage the public to work together with authorities to help prevent crime.

As the LCSW works with so many sectors of Lakewood and is intimately aware of their needs and concerns, it is imperative that their partnership with Lakewood Police cover all divisions of the force. To this end, the police representation at the meeting included officials from the bureaus of patrols, detectives, communications, special operations and radio logistics divisions. 

All those in attendance stressed the importance of community residents being in contact with law enforcement when they have potentially important information, and not assuming that someone else will do it and their help is not needed. It was clearly explained that it is crucial that every individual citizen who sees or witnesses something suspicious, or if something simply does not seem right to them, immediately contact authorities and report what they’d seen. Even seemingly small pieces of information can often prevent larger crimes from occurring. Information is always vitally needed and if everyone plays a part it will show a zero-tolerance attitude for crime and, hopefully, keep criminals at bay. 

Amongst those attending the meeting were Lakewood Police Chief Gregory Meyer, Captain Steve Alaire, Captain Joe Goertz, Captain Thomas Langenberg, and Captain Gregory Staffordsmith, LCSW coordinators Osher Perlow and Pinny Werner, LCSW Shabbos Supervisor Ray Cherboni and LCSW volunteer Yehoshua Maonata,

The LCSW/Shomrim is made up of dedicated volunteers who work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to keep Lakewood safe and secure. Amongst the many services they provide is their 24-Hour response to calls from concerned residents about suspicious persons, objects or other safety concerns; regular neighborhood patrols with a fleet of marked and unmarked vehicles; their Shabbos and Yom Tov Team, which help families in a myriad of ways; trauma support for crime victims; disaster response; missing persons; search and rescue; crowd control; community safety awareness events, and much more.

Both the LPD and LCSW have set up email accounts for residents to easily relate any information they observed, even if they are not a victim. Information can be sent anonymously to or


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