Latest on Israeli Elections: Lieberman suing people & hating on Chareidim, Lapid & Yaalon go at it


Lieberman busy suing people & Hating Chareidim

Liberman, through his attorneys, had filed the libel suit Tuesday, demanding NIS 140,000 ($38,000) from Ezra for deliberately trying to defame him during an election campaign as the country gears up to head back to the polls on September 17, according to a report on Times Of Israel.

Liberman had also sued another Twitter user, Ruth Kiryati, for making the same claim and posting a photo she said showed Liberman and Lapid meeting at a Tel Aviv cafe, two weeks after allegedly being in Vienna.

Lieberman has been running an intense anti-chareidi campaign.

‘We will force a government with the Likud and with Blue and White, which will be an emergency government, a national-liberal government. And we will do everything to block the ultra-Orthodox, who will not be allowed into the government,” he said.

Likud quickly pounced: “The cat is out the bag. Liberman says explicitly that he is willing to go with Blue and White, and force the establishment of a leftist government. Anyone who wants a right-wing government must vote only for the Likud party, headed by Netanyahu.”

Blue and White responded but backed Likud’s claims: “Better late than never. If Liberman had come to this conclusion before he and his party voted for the dispersal of the Knesset, they would have avoided unnecessary elections for the people of Israel.”

Lapid & Yaalon

Channel 12 news reported Ya’alon is furious at Lapid for his vicious constant anti-charedi comments.

“Lapid has become a burden,” Ya’alon was quoted as saying. “He has run a negative campaign, a hate campaign that has only done us damage. He harmed sectors that could have found a home in Blue and White or become our partners in the future.”

Jpost reports Ya’alon said “The rotation had a bad effect on the voters,” the quote said. “That is backed by polls, including now. There is no shortage of voters in the Center and Right who would and could vote for Blue and White but worry about [Lapid]’s views. He comes across as too negative. We thought he would connect people but instead, there are those pushing him leftward.”

The Blue & White party denies these reports and said “This will only strengthen us.”


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