LAKEWOOD TO GET BIGGER: Latest Building applications – 100 additional homes to be built


Lakewood Township’s Zoning Board of Adjustment is scheduled, on Monday night, to hear applications for a total of 100 additional homes to be built in various parts of town.

This quasi-judicial board, made up of individuals chosen by the Township Committee, decides on applications requesting to permit buildings or land uses which vary from the zoning regulations, meaning, for example, the zoning ordinances allow only single family homes and the applicant wants to build duplexes, or; the ordinance allows for 1 house per acre (43,000 sq ft) and the applicant wants to build 1 house per 10,000 sq ft (or 4 houses where only 1 is permitted).

New Jersey’s Municipal Land Use Law governs the reasons why an applicant may request a variance from Zoning Board. For example, there is an “extraordinary and exceptional situation uniquely affecting a specific piece of property”, or, an “exceptional narrowness, shallowness or shape of a specific piece of property”.

The applications on Monday nights’ board agenda are as follows:

  1. Brook Burnside LLC – 34 houses on 10,000 sq ft, where only 22 houses are permitted on 15,000 sq ft each. This application is off Brook Road, north of the Red Oaks development.
  2. 118 Ocean Ave LLC – 9 houses on 10,000 sq ft where only 2 houses are permitted on 40,000 sq ft each. This application is across from Bais Kaila and in front of Lakewood Commons.
  3. SLR Investments LLC – Forest Drive near Miller Road – applicant is proposing to build a single family house on 8,125 sq ft where 12,000 sq ft is required, and missing curb and sidewalk.
  4. 58 Drake LLC – proposing to build 6 single family homes on Drake Road on 10,000 sq ft lots where 40,000 sq ft is required (adding an additional 5 homes to the block).
  5. Albert Ave south of Oak Street – applicant is proposing to build a new home on a 57.5 ft wide lot where 100 feet is required.
  6. David Herzog – north of Caldwell Ave, off of Chestnut Street. The applicant is proposing to build 20 new homes on as small as 13,000 sq ft lots where 20,000 sq ft lots are required. Additionally, the application wants a waiver from providing a traffic study, even though Chestnut Street is a very busy road- rendering below

7. Ben Weber – Brook Road at the end of Kennedy Blvd (near Schuster’s Way). The applicant proposes to build 6 new homes on as small as 12,065 sq ft lots where 15,000 sq ft lots are proposed. The applicant is also requesting waivers from providing curbs and sidewalks, and a traffic study – rendering below

8. 27 White Road LLC – White Road off Cross Street. The applicant proposes to build 16 new houses on as low as 12,000 sq ft lots where 40,000 sq ft lots are required. The applicant is also requesting front yard setbacks of 30 feet where 50 feet is required, and 20 feet rear yard setbacks where 30 feet is required.]

All are welcome to attend the Zoning Board’s public hearing where the applicant’s planners will testify on the “uniqueness” of each and every parcel of land that they want to develop with variances. The Zoning Board’s meeting is open to the public, and members of the public may address the board to comment on any specific application.


  1. Dear David hersog

    Please explain why why you deserve such special treatment. Everyone knows that chestnut busy road and therefore you have to present a traffic study hi. Why should you be exempt.

  2. Can you please report back what the outcome of the meeting is for these requests. I’d love to see what is getting approved by the board and why.

  3. Why in earth does Mr. Weber thinks its okay to develop an entire neighborhood and not install curbs & sidewalks? Is he for real?! Also, the Board should absolutely reject his merit-less request to waive a traffic study. His proposed development is right off of County Line & Brook roads, which is a heavily trafficked area. Plus he himself is almost finished developing a huge office building on that very corner, which will certainly add a huge toll on the traffic. A traffic study, required under the state MLUL statute should NOT be waived for this application.

  4. Hello!! This is just one meeting! One evening in Lakewood and 100 new homes will be built. I wonder if the board members even know what hey are looking at. Do they know the ordinances? The purpose of the zoning board and their responsibility.

    • They pretend not to know ordinances. For example, that re-zoning by variance is illegal under NJ land use law.

  5. Thank you Greater Lakewood for exposing to the public what is going on behind the scenes. This information should be posted before each zoning board meeting. Enough is enough.


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