LAST DAY – NPGS Seagul square closing down


NPGS thanks you for your business in the Seagull Square store and invites these customers and the whole Lakewood to the 3 magnificent NPGS locations. NPGS wishes to thank the entire community for all its support for so many years. BE”H, we should be zoche to see the coming of Moshiach.

As Lakewood expanded south, NPGS opened a branch in Southern Lakewood, in Seagull Square. Seeing that this fourth location was draining the ability to supply the stores with NPGS’s signature Shechita of meat and poultry, and keeping up the NPGS standards in four stores, NPGS has decided to cut back and remain strong in the three original stores.

NPGS intends on upgrading all of the stores with an updated design, offering delivery service and superior customer service from all its locations. At the same time, NPGS intends on keeping the store fully fit for the very Choshuv and distinguished Lakewood community.

Gourmet Glatt will be opening it’s second location in that location – in a ‘matter of Months.’


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