Lakewood’s Top Doc: “Even if it is coronavirus it is not a major thing. Most people just get a mild illness”


The following Q&A was aired on 107.9FM last night – Lakewood’s local FM station.

Note: We paraphrased from time to time – listen to the original audio by scrolling down to the end of the article.

Did you quarantine every kid that had fever?

Dr. Shanik: Absolutely not. 99.9% of the patients I saw had flu, ear infections, viruses etc. only two children we had to isolate because they were in contact with someone who had it.

Let’s say someone is exposed, A is exposed to B who has corona what happens to the family and people around?

Dr. Shanik: He should be quarantined for two weeks. It may take 2 hours to get symptoms, it may take two weeks. He should be quarantined even if the result is negative.

This year we saw many flu cases…children get coronavirus very mild…They need to have respiratory symptoms and have been exposed to someone who had the virus.

Let’s say a parent has no symptoms but was exposed to someone who has it – so they are quarantined, do that person’s children need to be quarantined?

Dr. Shanik: The children do not have to be quarantined but if the parent comes down with it, they must quarantine.

What is the next step if someone thinks they were exposed to coronavirus?

Dr. Shanik: Call your Dr’s office. They will not want you to come into the office, but there are places to go to get tested… they will guide you.

People are shopping as if there’s no tomorrow. People are walking around with fear. What do you say to this?

I think people should not be panicking. It’s a mild case and only if you have an underlying medical condition or are 65-70 years of age you have to be a little more concerned, and even that the patients do well. Unfortunately, the fatality rate is 2%-3% but that’s people with underlying problems…Everyone wants to be tested but that is not sensible.

Doctor Shanik

Responding to the massive amount of calls for “potential coronavirus cases,” the doctor said:

Dr. Shanik:People are calling day and night…Don’t think the worst, and even if it is coronavirus it is not a major thing. Most people just get a mild illness.

We should not shake hands, no hugging and kissing people.

Is there a reason why elderly parents should not come to their children in Lakewood for Pesach?

Dr. Shanik:No reason why they can’t come – unless someone in the house was exposed to coronavirus. However, if the shul is a very crowded minyan and they have fragile health, they should daven at home.

Listen to the full 9 minutes below:


  1. He’s not a world renown communicable disease expert. All the gedolim who have been with the top doctors of communicable disease have said it’s pikuach needed.

  2. In Stamford hill 20 doctors and professors have signed a letter saying it’s pikuach needed and a tremendous amount will die. Besides to say it’s mild and don’t worry is an irresponsible statement. There is no proven drugs yet or vaccine unlike the flu and some countries are getting a 20 percent mortality rate. What happens when the ventilators run out and no room in the hospitals. The flu does not need a ventilator.

  3. World health org says average of 18 percent require hospitization. Dr Anthony Fauschi top govt expert on corona 1o times more lethal than flu. Center Disease Control anywhere from 200000 to 1.7 million will die. Take it easy. Call Dr. Shanik

  4. How irresponsible to post an outdated interview. Dr. Shanik has taken a very different approach in the last week, in part due to the enormous amount of people severally sick.


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