GL BREAKDOWN: Lakewood Yeshivas save NJ $2.4 BILLION in building expenses, roughly $600 MILLION in annual costs


As students across New Jersey return to school for the 2019/2020 school year, Governor Phil Murphy announced four new schools constructed and opened by the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (SDA) this week.

These new facilities provide more than 3,800 additional seats for students throughout New Jersey, furthering the Administration’s commitment to providing high-quality educational facilities for all New Jersey students.

The four completed school projects represent a total state investment of more than $306 million. The schools opened include the Madison Avenue Elementary School in Irvington, the Sonia Sotomayor School No. 21 in Passaic City, Rose M. Lopez Elementary School in Perth Amboy and the Trenton Central High School. 

Cost of school buildings 

The chart below displays the cost of a 500-child school at $38.6 million or $76K per student.

A school that has 1,850 students, cost $155.4 Million or $86,000 per student.

In the Greater Lakewood area, there are roughly 32,000 students in Private School. let’s choose the lower number of $76K per student – for building costs alone, that would be $2.4 BILLION dollars. If you choose the higher number of $86,000 per student, the amount the State of New Jersey saves by not having to build new buildings for Lakewood’s Yeshiva Students is a whopping $2.75 BILLION.

This figure precludes the roughly $600 Million a year in costs per child.

Annual cost per student

If Lakewood would receive the same amount of state funding per student as Newark does, at $22,555 per student, those students would receive $721,760,000 from the state.

Of course, as RUOC points out there is no guarantee that Lakewood would receive the same amount per student as Newark, RUOC estimates $18,535 per student which gives us the amount at $593,120,000.

It is important to note, annual per-student costs come from Local, State, and Federal money.

The Agudath Israel of America told GreaterLakewood, “this is an example of how grateful communities and the state needs to be to the parents of private schools that are sort of ‘double taxed’ by paying their share of property tax to support the public school system yet voluntarily decide to send their children to private schools which saves the state significant amounts of money.”

Adding, “So not only do private school parents save the state money, they also support the public school system.”


  1. Wow truly fascinating, and the clowns at RUOC say they are not anti-Semitic, they are just so bothered about how much money Lakewood is costing NJ.

    This makes them look so foolish.

    Of course they will just ignore this. Same old same old ..


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