Lakewood will not consider an unvaccinated public ban


Lakewood Mayor Raymond Coles said despite the outbreak in Lakewood, township officials are also not considering any measures like those undertaken in Rockland County.

“We’re urging parents to make sure their children are properly vaccinated, Sometimes it’s an uphill battle trying to counter the misinformation that’s out there. For the safety of their children, themselves and their neighbors, vaccination is the smart thing to do.”

There are currently 6 confirmed cases on the most recent measles outbreak in Lakewood, Rockland county has 153.

It is unclear if the Rockland county public ban is enforceable. How is it possible to determine if someone had the shot? Are people supposed to walk around with records? It seems it’s just politics – no sense. (If you get the measles and they know you were in public they can fine you $500 and send you to prison but c’mon!)


  1. They’re planning on enforcing it after the fact. If someone comes down with measles, a team from the health department works with him to backtrace his steps so they could figure out where he was when he was contagious, so they could warn everyone who was possibly infected. If it turns out he was in a prohibited area, they’re going to report him to the police or whoever is enforcing this.

    The problem is that govt officials think the actual number of people with measles is higher because they suspect a large number of people with the desease (or their parents) are not reporting it to the health authorities, which is a problem because then no one could warn the people exposed to the sick that they might be sick, and they’ll infect more innocent people. This is how an epidemic continues…


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