Lakewood: Tonight’s Events [Motzoei Shabbos 3/2]


Parlor Meeting for Mifal Torah VoDaas in Ridge at the home of R’ Shimon Yehuda Magid (228 Ridge Ave), along with 14 co-hosts, from 9:00-11:00. Bochurim after 10:50. There will be a Hot Michig Buffet, Sushi, and Music. Mifal Torah VoDaas is a network of afternoon classes targeting the most troubled and underprivileged neighborhoods in Eretz Yisroel. Currently there are over 1500 children who take part in Mifal nightly programs, with an astonishing success rate.

Several Bonei Olam Parlor Meetings around town tonight, each one will feature a hot milchig buffet and video presentation:

  • Raintree area at the home of R’ Yonie Wachsman (1222 Todd Court) @8:30.
  • Prospect Square & Prospect Park neighborhood at the home of R’ Moshe Mordechai Weinreb (7 Lewin Ave) @8:30.
  • Albert area at the home of R’ Yitzy Friedman (1480 Towers St) @8:45.

Pidyon Shvuyim Parlor Meeting for R’ Osher Eisemann at the home of R’ Shimmy Falik (1115 Somerset Ave) @9:00. A Yated correspondent will be speaking about the case at 10:15.

A Farbreingen for the Lakewood Community celebrating the release of (the album) “Ashrecha” by Eitan Katz, at the Kessner home, 30 Garfield St, @9:00.

Yeshiva Gedolah Ohr Chodosh Melava Malka Reception at the home of R’ Shaya Sonnenschein (658 Cypress Ave) @8:30.

Annual Shemen LiMincha Melava Malka to benefit the shul. 2 Milano Dr @8:30.

Vishnitz of Lakewood (1901 Clifton Ave) Melava Malka to benefit the shul, at the Zichron Shneur Simcha Hall (282 Oak Knoll Rd) @8:30.

Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Leyma Melava Malka together at the home of Mr. Mordechai Tikotsky (953 East County Line Rd) @9:15.

Mishkan Hatorah alumni melava malka at the new beis medrash (1017 East County Line Rd.) @9:00 prompt.

Shtender Bender Class tonight from 8:30-9:30 at 1200 River Ave Suite 10C. Dr. Daniel Yousefzadeh will be giving a class to mesivta bochurim and men in kollel how to use the shtender without getting a hunchback (or improving a hunchback), preventing lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Space limited to 10 seats. Call 732-534-6707 to reserve.


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