Lakewood: Tonight’s Events [Motzoei Shabbos 3/16]


Rav Uren Reich shlita speaking on the topic of Purim, 9:45 PM in the Bais Horaah (4th & Madison).

K’hal Tiferes Shmuel 5th anniversary melava malka at 941 Princeton Ave @9:30 PM. Birchas hamazon at 11:00 PM. Guest Speaker Rav Gershon Ribner shlita.

Congregation Ishay Yisroel (led by Rav Yerachmiel Milstein shlita) 7th anniversary melava malka at the shul (corner Miller Rd & New Central) at 9:15 PM. Guest Speaker Ran Aron Milstein shlita.

Heichal Torah V’avodah (led by Rav Binyomin Margolis shlita) melava malka at the shul (703 Park Ave) at 9:45 PM. Guest Speaker Rav Berel Schachar shlita.

Classical Chamber Music Concert to benefit Kollel Aliyos Shlomo of Yerushalayim. Tonight @9:15 at the home of Mr. Leshkowitz (8 Hill Top Ct). For men and women. Separate seating.

For Women

Ateres Nachama Production @9:45 in Lakewood High School (855 Somerset Ave).

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